Sports modified racers Jason Emmot, left, Bob Feller and Craig Nieman round one of the final corners of the Saturday, July 8 race. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Race results in, mini stock racer talks racing career

The Diamond Mountain Speedway results are in from the Saturday, July 8 races, and with heat races, main events and trophy dashes, many drivers left the track as winners.

Mini stock racer Billy Gibson shared some insight as to the life of a racer after the mini stock heat races had finished.

Billy Gibson, left, and Ryan Belli compete against one another during the mini division main event on Saturday, July 8. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Gibson has been behind the wheel for three years and has raced on the track in Quincy, California and the local Diamond Mountain Speedway track in Susanville.

While he is now an established racer on the track with his easily recognized vehicle sporting the number 121, Gibson didn’t start on the speedway until after seeing his son-in-law, Joe Blackwell, and grandson, Jeff Olschowka, take on the track.

After being inspired by family members, Gibson gave it a go with his first season in 2014.

However, while his mind was ready to take on the need for speed, Gibson’s body had other plans.

During his first time racing in Susanville, Gibson suffered from cardiac arrest.

“I actually died,” he said, recalling the incident.

According to Gibson, in the middle of the race, he suddenly veered off to the middle of the track and stopped. It was then that the paramedics rushed to the scene and an ambulance was called.

“The paramedics revived me there,” Gibson said. He was then taken to the emergency room and was later flown to Reno.

The setback wasn’t going to get in Gibson’s way. He later continued, “I spent about three weeks (in Reno), but I’m back racing now.”

Gibson said he knew the heart attack would have happened regardless of where he was or what he was doing, so there was no use in letting it scare him away from racing.

In the seasons since the unfortunate introduction to racing, Gibson has done very well in mini stock races.

n 2015, Gibson won third place for the mini stock overall in Quincy.

He repeated the success in 2016, and in addition to his second third-place finish in Quincy, Gibson went on to finish second of mini stock overall in Susanville.

When asked about his goals for the 2017 season, Gibson expressed that he just wants to finish the season and have fun.

He said, “At my age, even if I don’t win any more, I’m happy. It’s just about having fun.”

Modified racer Matt Murphy finishes fourth in the main event on Saturday, July 8. Photo by Ashley Grogan

The results from the July 8 races are as followed:


Modified division:

1. Chris Nieman, No. 3, 38 points; 2. Scott Foreman, No. 4f, 37 points; 3. Mitch Murphy, No. 7m, 36 points; 4. Matt Murphy, No. 6m, 35 points; 5. Larry McCraken, No. 06, 34 points; 6. Steve Boucher, No. 177, 33 points; 7. Joe Blackwell, No. 221, 32 points; 8. Tyler Patske, No. 9p, 31 points.


Sports mod division:

1. Craig Nieman, No. 7n, 33 points; 2. Bob Feller, No. 2b, 32 points; 3. Jason Emmot, No. 9, 31 points.


Stock division:

Heat race

1. Nathan Howard, No. 81, 3 points; 2. Jimmy Ray Huffmon, No. 27h, 2 points; 3. Shayna Robertson, No. 7n, 1 point.


Main event

1. Robertson, 40 points; 2. Huffmon, 39 points; 3. Ray Talavera Sr., No. 4, 38 points; 4. Howard, 37 points.


Mini division:

Heat races

1. Tom Davis, No. 75, 3 points; 1. Ryan Belli, No. 63, 3 points; 2. Suzie Schmitt, No. 29, 2 points; 2. Larry Whitebird, No. 97, 2 points; 3. Kate Robertson, No. 7, 1 point; 3. Madison Hood, No. 7mm, 1 point.


Main event

1. Davis, 40 points; 2. Schmitt, 39 points; 3. Robertson, 38 points; 4. Ray Talavera Jr., No. 23r, 37 points; 5. Tyler Cheeks, No. 14, 36 points; 6. Billy Gibson, No. 121, 35 points; 7. Hood, 34 points; 8. Whitebird, 33 points; 9. Larry Foster, No. 33, 32 points.

10. Alissa Lovelace, No. 9, 31 points; 11. Belli, 30 points.