No. 32 Colton Lawson takes his victory lap with the Stars and Stripes in hand after winning the hobby stock main race Thursday, July 4. Photo by Brian Walters

Races light up the fourth before the fireworks

Points have been calculated, positions have changed and the season is just heating up at Diamond Mountain Speedway.

From the Friday, June 28 race to the two-day shootout-taking place Thursday, July 4 and Friday, July 5.

Mini stocks have been shaken up, as Larry Whitebird has taken the points lead at 304, while Billy Gibson has moved up to second at 247, while Cody Kennemore has slipped into third with 193 points.

Hobby stocks were as bright as the fireworks that followed. Colton Lawson was on fire, though not high in the points. He controlled the track, taking first place in both Thursday, and Friday nights races. It was also announced that Lawson would have to suspend his racing season, as he will be joining the United States Marine Corp.

But in points Jacob Hutson is still holding onto the lead at 295, though not having the best performance in either night’s races.

In a surprise move, Doug Weeks moved up in a big way from below the third place threshold to second place at 222 points.

Steve Buhr who was another lower prospect in the hobby stock category has taken over Rick Higby’s spot in third at 215 points.

In sport modified category, the tie has been broken between Richard Longacre and Craig Nieman. Longacre is now leading in points at 301, Craig Nieman had a great performance July 4 but was disqualified in the Friday, July 5 race, placing him in second place at 271 points.

In the IMCA modified another tie has been broken, between Chris Nieman and Larry McCracken as Chris Nieman jumped to 291 and first place in the points bracket. While McCracken has fallen to third with 247 points behind now second place Wade Kennemore who is sitting pretty at 288 points.

The following are the results of the top three in each category for the Fourth of July two-day shootout.

Thursday, July 4 Mini stocks
1. Tom Davis, No. 75. 2. Suzi Schmitt, No. 29. 3. Whitebird, No. 57.

Hobby stocks
1. Lawson, No. 32. 2. Royce Goetz, No. 39. 3. Steve Gordon, No. 7s.

Sport modified
1. Kevin Johnson, No. 20s. 2. Nieman, No. 7N. 3. Nieman, No. 7z.

1. Cory Sample, No. 0. 2. Ryan McDaniel, No. 10RM. 3. Riley Simmons, No. 21R.

Friday, July 5 Mini stocks
1. Davis, No. 75. 2. Whitebird, No. 57. 3. Will Evenson, No. 18.

Hobby stocks
1. Lawson, No. 32. 2. Buhr, No. 77. 3. Weeks, No. 09.

Sport mods
1. Johnson, No. 20S. 2. Randy Wright, No. 28.

1. Simmons, 21R. 2. Nieman, No. 3. 3. Sample, No. 0.
Results for the Friday, July 12 race were unavailable at press time.