Reader responds to John Grimaldi opinion piece

Earlier today, June 14, (in story on Lassen News), John Grimaldi of AMAC wrote Trump’s guilty verdict is an outrage and disservice to the nation and that Trump’s felonies have only improved his position in the poles.

It is difficult for me to believe that Grimaldi’s polls really represent the opinions of the majority of Americans. While the trial underscored Trump’s lack of morality, his presidency illustrated his inability to govern.

If he had kept his “banana” in his household, he would not have had to part with almost $200,000 in hush money to keep voters from undertanding his lack of morality.

Further, during his administration, America had 3,642 COVID deaths per million of population while the Canadians had only 1,538 COVID deaths per million.

We had Trump, they had Trudeau.

William Wagner, Oakland, California.