Recovery assistance available for Lassen 2020 wildfire survivors

Saint Vincent de Paul society is now working on the long-term recovery efforts of the 2020 Sheep and R-8 Pinecone fires. As a result, Disaster Case Management efforts began recently. Trained Disaster Case Managers are able to assist families and individuals with their long-term recovery plans.

Saint Vincent de Paul, through a contract with Catholic Charities of California, is one of the lead agencies working towards Disaster Case Management efforts resulting from the 2020 wildfires in Lassen County. This program assists clients by providing support in developing and achieving individualized recovery plans, advocacy and follow up with

FEMA and SBA appeals, coordination of construction resources and connection to financial assistance and other local resources and programs.

At this time, Saint Vincent de Paul is actively working towards connecting case managers with survivors in Lassen County. Anyone seeking assistance from losses experienced from the Sheep and R-8 Pinecone fires can call (833) 775-3267 or email

Questions regarding this Disaster Case Management Program can be directed to the Program Manager, Stephanie Gregorio, at 519-8436 or