Remember When for the week of 10/25/16

75 years ago

While they may have been attracted by the hunting, some of Hollywood’s famous decided to take up residence in the county for its beauty. Screen star Gwinn “Big Boy” Williams and two stand-ins for the famous Errol Flynn purchased 4,500 acres in the Willow Creek area, where they planned on building 10 cabins and later to add more.

50 years ago

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced they would call for bids for construction of a 40×180 foot building to be used for shopping at the Sierra Army Depot, in Herlong. The building will have concrete floors, reinforced concrete blast-resistant interior walls, concrete block exterior walls and buildup roofing over a gypsum plank roof.

35 years ago

The Sierra Theater opened its doors on a weekend basis for the winter. According to new owners Mike and Carolyn Smith, in the spring they plan to remodel into separate screening areas to provide the most up-to-date movies. This week’s movies are “For Your Eyes Only” and “The Final Countdown.”

20 years ago

You might say Diamond View seventh and eighth graders were scared spitless last week.

The 12-to 14-year-olds heard a firsthand account from a man who lost his jaw to mouth cancer caused by chewing tobacco. The survival rate for mouth cancer victims is less than 1 percent.

15 years ago

Local Salvation Army board members were outraged last week by the decision to permanently close the thrift store without their knowledge.

According to board members, the plan was to close the store for 30 days while the Salvation Army’s operations were consolidated into a single location, which would include a new thrift store.

10 years ago

With no way around it, the Susanville City Council approved raising the natural gas rates another 79 cents. The new rate is $2.22 per therm with an additional 22 cents per therm construction surcharge. This is a 48 percent increase in the rates charged. The total charge per therm is $2.44.

City Administrator Luann Rainey told the council the increase will raise the average natural gas users bill $33 a month. The average is based on a household that uses 500 therms a year.

Last year

Several witnesses were called by the city during week two of the trial pitting the City of Portola against the State of California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The city is seeking damages from the state for its 2007 poisoning of Lake Davis.

The line of questioning by both sides appeared to indicate that some level of mishandling of the pike eradication process might have occurred.