Remember When for the week of 11/15/16

125 years ago

William Sims of Sacramento, after a visit and examination of the Honey Lake area in Lassen County, has reported that the land is equal to or better than any of the farmland in the Sacramento Valley and encourages his investors to procure money for investment in the region.

75 years ago

Front-page news included three people in Susanville cited for traffic violations during the week. All the tickets were given on the Susanville-Westwood highway, one for a broken taillight, one for driving on the centerline and one for reckless driving.

50 years ago

More than 85 percent of registered voters in Lassen County cast their votes for Ronald Reagan for governor of California. Reagan won the gubernatorial election over incumbent Edmund G. Brown by more than one million votes.

30 years ago

Concern over safety along Highway 395 south to Hallelujah Junction has prompted the city of Susanville to join with other key entities in an attempt to get Caltrans to widen that stretch to four lanes.

The city has declared the highway “unsafe at any speed” and has approved a resolution to that effect. The use of headlights is now a requirement during the daylight hours.

25 years ago

It’s been nearly a month and a half since Lassen Country passed its “Doomesday Budget” and refused to fully fund state mandated programs with no indication of a financial bailout from the state anywhere on the horizon.

In fact, Lassen County Administrative Officer Bill Bixby, who met with various state officials in Sacramento recently, said the state is so wrapped up in its own fiscal dilemma that it has yet to even consider a solution to the problems facing California counties.

15 years ago

All three incumbents on the Lassen College board were swept out of office in what one member-elect called a vote for change.

Rocky Deal cited among voters “that there was a need for change,” as one reason for his victory over incumbent Irene Trout for the Trustee Area 1 seat on the college board.

Challengers Jay Dow Jr. and Doc Blevins also won seats on the board from incumbents Virginia Eagle in Trustee Area 4 and Ruth Yochem in Trustee Area 5.

10 years ago

Fees charged by the Lassen County Clerk’s office will rise effective Jan. 1, 2006, despite Supervisor Jim Chapman’s objection.

The Board of Supervisors voted recently to raise fees from $3 to $24 for marriage licenses, after hours marriage licenses, civil marriage ceremonies, power of attorney by surety, certificates of official capacity and certificates of authority issued by the insurance commissioner.

County Clerk Theresa Nagel proposed the fee increases to more accurately reflect the cost of providing service. For instance, the current charge for an after hours marriage license is $12. It actually costs $37 to provide the service. The board raised the fee to $36.

“I know I’m probably going to incur the wrath of our illustrious clerk,” Chapman said at the board’s meeting, “but when it comes to fee increases for any department, including our illustrious clerk’s department, I just am not in support.”

Last year

After declaring an impasse, two units within the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office have an approved Memoranda of Understanding with the Lassen County Board of Supervisors.

During the Tuesday, Nov. 10 board meeting, the board unanimously approved an MOU with both the Lassen County Peace Officer Association and the Deputy Sheriff Association.

Some of the major changes in the MOUs, which are effective Tuesday, Nov. 10 through Dec. 31, 2018, focused on salary and flex benefits.