Remember when for the week of 2/13/18

126 years ago
Full-page ads for the new coming city of Northern California, Amedee, located in the heart of the Honey Lake Valley, boasted a fine hotel with 60 rooms and plans for a bathhouse utilizing the famous boiling springs making Amedee the “Health Resort of the West.”

76 years ago
Sheriff Olin S. Johnson, civilian defense coordinator for Lassen County, said the area would be ready for a blackout in case of a bombing raid by enemy aircraft coming into the area targeting Shasta Dam or Hawthorne Naval Station.

71 years ago
Vehicle owners of Lassen County who have not received their 1947 license plates and registration cards are asked not to worry and to refrain from writing letters to the Department of Motor Vehicles.
Although the plates are being mailed out as fast as they are made, it will not be possible to produce all the 1947 plates by April because of the steel shortage.

35 years ago
Lassen County Sheriff Ron Jarrell criticized the proposed elimination of the criminal justice courses at Lassen Community College. College President Warren Sorenson’s proposal to cut 100 courses next year contained the loss of 31 criminal justice classes.
Jarrell later commented that coordination with Butte College could provide the courses required by law enforcement personnel if necessary, but could limit their progress in certain fields.

25 years ago
On Feb. 3, President Bill Clinton declared a major disaster in California, thus triggering the release of federal disaster funds to help individuals and local governments recover from the effects of severe snowstorms, mud and rock slides and flooding that struck a wide area of the state during January.
According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the president’s major disaster declaration makes federal relief funds available to affected residents and local jurisdictions in 10 counties including Lassen, Plumas and Modoc.

21 years ago
A new Lassen Historical Museum is top priority for the Susanville City Council.
“Let’s get a project done and give those people something to work out of,” council member Lino Callegari said last week, “instead of a building that’s ready to collapse.”
A $23,000 Forest Service Economic Recovery Grant paid for architectural design and a master plan for the new museum. The council accepted those plans in October of 1996.

16 years ago
The California Attorney General’s office will appeal the overturned death penalty of Benjamin Wai Silva, who was convicted of a gruesome 1981 murder in Lassen County.
Lassen County Attorney Bob Burns said, “I don’t think the AG’s going to lay down and die on this. They’re going to fight the decision of Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. You know the ninth circuit is the most overturned federal court of appeals.”
Silva was convicted of the abduction, robbery and murder of Ridgecrest resident Kevin Thorpe in Madeline. Silva, Joe Shelton and Norman Thomas kidnapped Thorpe and his girlfriend, Laura Craig, college students who passed through Madeline on their way to Oregon returning from break.

10 years ago
Just when most of us were busy dipping another crispy tortilla chip in that big bowl of chunky guacamole and waiting for legendary rock stars Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers to kick off the halftime show at Super Bowl XLII, a Susanville resident was hard at work making sure the show’s opening moments came off without a hitch.
As Petty and company cranked out the opening bars of “American Girl,” Susanville resident Suzi Blackwood was leading the charge at the front of a Gibson Flying V guitar that pierced the glowing heart-shaped stage in the middle of the darkened stadium with a dazzling blast of pyrotechnics.
“It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Blackwood said.

Last year
The Westwood Family Resource Center has a new director. Nicole Young was promoted from administrative assistant to the position, following the resignation of Elizabeth Allen.
Young said she has worked side-by-side with Allen since August 2016 gaining understanding of community needs and the programs that operate from the One Stop, the location of the resource center.
“I like working here. I am excited to bring my ideas to the table and see what I can do,” said Young.