Remember When for the week of 2/20/18

120 years ago
The press from various states are uplifting their righteous voice against legislation and the governor of the state of Nevada because they have legalized prize fighting.

At the same time, the metropolitans, while protesting the “holy horror,” are preparing to cater to the public demand by arranging for accommodation of special reporters and artists at the Corbett and Fitzsimmons fight.

95 years ago
Under the date of Feb. 4, the Railroad Commission of the state of California granted a certificate for an auto stage line between Susanville and Engles Mine to Smith and Ramsey of Susanville.

Last year, Indian Valley Railroad officials tried to gain interest in the line to connect with Indian Valley Railroad and Western Pacific Paxton.

70 years ago
Operations are scheduled to begin at the New Paul Bunyan Lumber Company in the near future.

The mill will employ about 30 men and the whole operation, including logging, about 120 men total.

The original mill burned down last May and has been replaced with another that was brought here from Louisiana.

30 years ago
The strike that started 23 days ago when labor negotiations broke down between Lassen Community Hospital nurses and technicians and Saint Mary’s Health Care Administration may be nearing an end.

Negotiations between the hospital workers, Saint Mary’s and the Engineers and Scientists of California have been set for February, when a mediator is expected to intervene.

Negotiations broke down in January and the nurses and technicians walked out after filing notice to strike.

25 years ago
Following five days of testimony and two days of deliberations, the Lassen County Grand Jury indicted 14 California Correctional Center inmates for their alleged roles in last summer’s gang related slaying of a fellow inmate.
The grand jury filed 14 indictments for conspiracy to commit murder and 10 for committing murder with special circumstances, all in connection with the stabbing of CCC inmate Billy Lewis.

Several of the defendants also face charges of assault with a deadly weapon. In addition to Lewis, five other inmates were seriously wounded in the attack.

15 years ago
More than 170 staff members responded to a major riot involving more than 80 High Desert State Prison inmates on Feb. 15.
The riot began at about 1:30 p.m., on a level-four exercise yard on Facility B, according to High Desert Public Information Officer Melinda Bolls.

“Staff used numerous less-than-lethal rubber baton rounds and CN gas to quell the incident,” said Bolls. “It was what we call a code-three response. All available staff members responded to the area.”
Prison officials had no idea what caused the incident.

10 years ago
A new Susanville sign will finally make Uptown Cinemas’ owner Mike Smith and his customers feel safer.

The Susanville City Council passed two resolutions accepting the sign’s design and allowing Smith and the Public Works Department to move forward with the construction.

There has been on average one accident a year on the corner of Main and Roop streets. When the trucks hit the theater, it not only costs Smith time and money to repair the building, it also has raised his insurance premiums and caused his customers to be concerned, he said.

Last year
At the council’s Feb. 15 meeting, the consent calendar, approved by a 4-0 vote, included minutes from the council’s Jan. 18 meeting, vendor warrants totaling $257,757.36, including $100,328.60 in payroll warrants.

Also, by a 4-0 vote, the council adopted the ordinances lowering the speed limit on Fourth Street and Numa Road. The council also approved an increase to the Traffic Safety Fund by $12,000 to fund the installation of flashing traffic beacons delineating the McKinley School speed zone.