Remember When for the week of 2/28/17

95 years ago

Last night Harry Pearce and Anton Lassen were successful with their new wireless telephone station, just completed.

Yesterday, without amplifiers, they were able to catch radio concerts from the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco and the Radio Shop in San Jose, distances of more than 200 miles away.


70 years ago

Vehicle owners of Lassen County who have not received their 1947 license plates and registration cards are asked not to worry and to refrain from writing letters to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Although the plates are being mailed out as fast as they are made, it will not be possible to produce all the 1947 plates by April because of the steel shortage.


45 years ago

Installation of a second traffic signal on Main Street at the Ash Street intersection before the year’s end was discussed at the Susanville’s City Council meeting.

The council, which has received grants under the federal TOPICS program, has approved the installation of the first traffic light at Main and Weatherlow streets.


25 years ago

A new combatant entered the environmental wars last fall.

The Alliance for America began in September, when the leaders of hundreds of grassroots organizations from across America began working together with a common objective, “Putting people back into the environmental equation.”

The result of the first cooperative effort was the Fly-In for Freedom campaign and intense volunteer lobbying effort in Washington D.C. aimed at winning support for bills relating to wetlands, endangered species mining regulations, recreational access to public lands, “taking” of private property and livestock grazing.


15 years ago

John Baxter, the Lassen Municipal Utility District’s general manager and one of its founder, will no longer lead the publicly owned electrical district effective March 1.

Referring to the recent energy crisis, Baxter said, “I did my best to protect LMUD and its customers from rate increases.

“Nevertheless, I have become, for many, a reason why their bills have increased, rightly or wrongly.

“I recognize that this criticism serves to complicate the ability of LMUD to move beyond the immediate crisis toward solutions.”


10 years ago

Unless the state loosens its purse strings, Susanville streets will continue to disintegrate.

In a report, during the Feb. 1 City Council meeting, Public Works Director Craig Platt said staff has been requesting Street Improvement Program money from the state for the past five years with not much luck.

“It is very hard to receive STIP funding as STIP money is for traffic circulation, not for street rehabilitation,” said Platt. “Because of this, the funding for rehabilitation projects is few and far between.”

Platt said it would cost almost $6 million to fix the disintegrating roads.


Last year

Young’s Super Market in Westwood set the date for the end of March to close its doors. The store, which opened at the present site June 1, 1957, was founded by George Young and is currently owned by his son, Mike, and managed by his grandson, Neil.

Mike and Neil said the decision to close the store was not one they came to lightly but have pondered options for a while. They appreciate all their customers and thank them for their business. However a multitude of circumstances have contributed to the closing of the store.

“It’s been death by a thousand cuts,” said Neil.

They both named issues that have made running a small, independent grocery store more difficult.