Remember When for the week of 7/11/17

120 years ago

A relic of the Sagebrush Wars was found on a resident’s property near Main Street. The article was a piece of a cannon used in the battle. It was believed it belonged to the men of Plumas County who came through the Susan River Valley to try and persuade the Honey Lakers they were within the jurisdiction of California.


70 years ago

Thirty men, armed with loaded spray guns filled with poison bran, met head-on with a fast moving army of Mormon crickets in the Honey Lake Valley. The pesticide was sprayed over the area’s fields in order to halt the marching pests and prevent any further crop damage. Although the crickets frequently attack farms in Utah and Nevada, it was the first such raid in Lassen County in more than 40 years.


45 years ago

The Susanville City Council signed agreements with Corder and Holland and contractor Ted Corder for the development of Susanville Supermarket at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Main Street.


35 years ago

A bid of $418,800 for the expansion of the Susanville Sanitary District facility was accepted by its board of directors. They also agreed to adopt an ordinance to increase user fees within the district.


30 years ago

E. Paul Smith, the program director for the Lassen County Health and Human Services, resigned in lieu of losing his job. Smith quit because interim County Administrator Officer Stan Greene told him he would recommend phasing out his job to reduce county expense.


25 years ago

A fire of undetermined origin destroyed 290 acres last weekend, resulting in an estimated $750,000 in damages to timber, wildlife habitat and recreational areas. According to Jeff Fontana, spokesman for the Susanville Interagency Fire Center, the blaze broke out in the Hat Creek Ranger District of the Lassen National Forest at about 2:30 p.m. Erratic winds caused the fire to spread quickly, and by that evening it had swept through the campground and jumped across Highway 89.


15 years ago

Attorneys for Susanville activist Jack Pastor want a public apology from the president of the union at Sierra Army Depot. Jim Swistowicz, president of the American Federation of Government Employees, representing workers at SIAD, wrote an opinion piece published in the Lassen County Times on May 22, which Pastor’s attorney claimed contained statements, which were “false and defamatory.”


10 years ago

Lassen Community College President Dr. Homer Cissell resigned officially on July 3, but the president’s decision to step down was not unilateral. Over the past several weeks or months, the LCC Board of Trustees and the college’s embattled president negotiated a settlement agreement to formally end their relationship, and Cissell agreed to resign as president as part of those negotiations.


Last year

A workshop on beekeeping, hosted by Alex and Chrystal de Martimprey at Lassen True Value Hardware in Westwood, provided the details for getting started. Sean Somers, an experienced beekeeper who presented June 25, reported more than 30 people wanted to take part in a bee group/club. At least six in the group are already keeping bees. De Martimprey said he and his wife, Chrystal, were working to make selfsustainability an option for those living in the region. They introduced chickens to the Almanor Basin selling baby chicks and all the supplies needed to keep them and now they were adding another element, beekeeping. They have hive kits at the store as well as other tools and supplies needed for beekeeping, such as smokers and beekeeper suits. They have chosen to work with a company called Harvest Lane Honey in Utah.