Remember When for the week of 07/23/19

30 years ago
Lassen County’s oldest cultural event, The Bear Dance, was held for the first time at its new location on Willard Hill. Five teepees were erected and about 200 people participated in the ceremony. The dance had been held for many years at Gladys Mankins’ Ranch near Janesville, but the property was sold after her death and the new site was found on United States Forest Service land west of Susanville.

16 years ago
The monsoon season was in full swing in Northern California with thunderstorms and lightning wreaking havoc in the region. First came the fires, then came the rain and the ice in the form of hail.
The first wildfires began when scattered thunderstorms moved in, providing numerous lightning strikes and fire-feeding winds, but very little moisture. Fire crews scrambled to extinguish several small outbreaks, but the largest — dubbed the Smoke Fire — exploded in high desert rangeland 18 to 20 miles east of Highway 395 on the California/ Nevada border, northeast of Susanville.

11 years ago
State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell and California Highway Patrol Valley Division Chief Stan Perez held a joint news conference at McClatchy High School to remind teenagers about the new wireless device laws that had gone into effect.
“Technology rules kids’ lives, but it should never take their lives,” said O’Connell. “I want to remind young drivers under 18 years old that starting on July 1, they are forbidden from using cell phones and other electronic devices while driving.
“This is not a frivolous law. It is a law that will save limbs and lives because cell phone use is the number-one cause of distracted driving accidents in California.”
A companion measure, Senate bill 1613, was signed into law in 2006, making it illegal for adult drivers to talk on a handheld cell phone while driving a car in California unless they use a hands-free device.

Six years ago
Lassen Ale Works at the Pioneer Saloon in Uptown Susanville celebrated a successful first year and planned expansions on the brewing side of business by adding new fermentation and storage tanks. Additionally, they planned to acquire bottle equipment so the locally made brews could be purchased in stores.

Last year
Former Miss Lassen County’s from throughout the years came together on the stage to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Miss Lassen County Scholarship Competition.