Remember When for the week of 1/21/20

130 years ago

Winter made its presence known in Susanville when it began to snow furiously. The air was warm and the snow was soft, but it drifted up so badly the roads were blocked again.


70 years ago

Ralson Crew, Jimmie “King” G.A. Collyer and Gerald Crew skied to the top of Diamond Mountain. It took them five hours to make the ascent and three hours to descend. They reported the snow was firm only in the shaded portion of the mountains. They also estimate, on average, that the snow packs near the timberline contained 18 inches of high water content snow.


55 years ago

The Lassen County committee on school district reorganization reviewed and approved a petition for separation of Lassen Junior College from the Lassen Union School District on approval of the state board of education.


40 years ago

The first phase of an organization plan for the upgrading and conversion of the street lighting system in Susanville was given the green light by the city council. The first phase called for improvements on street lighting from the west end of Main Street to Pacific Street and included the installation of 30 high-pressure sodium lamps.


35 years ago

Susanville gained 75 acres of land from Lassen County. The annexed territory, located south of town, became known as the Sierra Road annexation. Most of the area had been set aside as an industrial park.


30 years ago

The Lassen County Board of Supervisors approved a pair of special deer hunts on the Bass Hill area but voted down an antlerless hunt in the Doyle area proposed by the state Department of Fish and Game. DFG biologists had urged the taking of 300 anterless deer, despite pleas the county has a “special responsibility to make biologically sound decisions,” regarding the hunts.

The two approved hunts provided an opportunity for archers and muzzleloaders to take about 50 deer during a 23-day period.


25 years ago

The deteriorating condition of the Lassen Historical Museum led a city-planning official to recommend the historic log structure to be razed. The museum, located adjacent to Roop’s Fort, apparently has been crumbling for decades.

A visual inspection of the building revealed a fungus infection, dry rot and various other wood-destroying organisms compromising most of the logs.

The structural damage was severe along the north and east sides of the building and extended into the roof framing and roof sheathing.


20 years ago

Player suspensions marred last year’s Lassen High School boy’s basketball season. Now disciplinary action against this year’s head coach has cast a new shadow of controversy over the program.

First-year coach Jody White was placed on administrative leave, the same day allegations of physical abuse were reported to the Susanville Police Department. Lassen High School Superintendent/ Principal Jane Maxwell called the department, stating White may have abused his players.

A special high school board meeting was held later that night where select players’ parents and friends spoke out in favor of White. On Jan. 26, White was taken off leave and reinstated as the coach.


Last year

Teens, ages 14 to 18, in Westwood have an extracurricular activity outside the school system. They can become part of the Fire Explorer program offered by the Westwood Fire Department.

Seven students took advantage of the opportunity. They are Justin Boyd, Carson Gibbs, Maddex Kinsey, Kori Duerksen, Isaiah Halcrow, Garrett Sutton and Vito Valegra.

Participation has many benefits, according to Fire Chief Forest Duerksen. The teens learn basic firefighting skills taught to candidates trying to obtain a firefighter one certification. A training manual from the International Fire Service Training Association is used as the curriculum.