Remember When for the week of 1/22/19

95 years ago
Rumors were persistent around Susanville that work would soon begin on the Leon Bly project, which would use Eagle Lake water as a primary irrigation source for Honey Lake Valley Farms.
Bly was the owner of the construction company in charge of the project.

45 years ago
Three candidates for Valentine Queen were chosen at the annual Beta Sigma Phi Valentine ball: Opal Hunt, Linda Stewart and Rose Tribolet.

35 years ago
A motion to remove District Attorney Warren Haas from prosecuting “Green Book” actions against county supervisors Paul Knoblich, Jim Chapman, Pete Vossler and Carl Parks was filed by a legal counselor.
The group’s attorney, Frank Cady, accused Haas of displaying a “conflict of interest” with the defendants, stating the friction between Haas, the supervisors and Knoblich would alter the outcome of the “Green Book” legal proceedings.

30 yeas ago
Residents of Big Valley feared drugs were contributing to a large number of property crimes.
Adin Chamber of Commerce President Beverly Erier wrote to the sheriffs of Lassen and Modoc counties to say the drug problem in her community was going unchecked by law enforcement. Both sheriffs met with Adin residents.

25 years ago
A nationally syndicated television show was focusing its lenses on the Lassen County Search and Rescue Team. Members of the all-volunteer team were called upon to save two Butte County men trapped at the bottom of a 150-foot deep mineshaft.
The plight of the trapped men and the team’s heroic actions were featured on the television show “Inside Edition.”
The rescue was considered a success because both men were brought out alive; however, according to Lassen County Search and Rescue Commander Robert Trussell, the incident had the potential to turn tragic at any moment.

20 years ago
Claiming a group of teens terrorized her 16-year-old son at Lassen High School, a Susanville woman filed a restraining order against six boys. The order was filed after the six juveniles allegedly beat and kicked the child, breaking the victims’ nose and blackening both eyes.

Last year
The Lassen High School varsity girls’ soccer team couldn’t resist the temptation to bring the Central Valley Falcons down as soon as the visiting Falcons stepped foot on the field Tuesday, Jan. 16.
Lassen was absolutely ruthless on the field and happily sent the Falcons back to their nest after scoring a total of 10 goals in comparison to Central Valley’s one.