Remember When for the week of 1/29/19

95 years ago
Claudia Johnson was soliciting help to create an organization geared toward assisting the elderly residents of Lassen County with their chores.
The organization was not yet formed, but is believed to be the first of its kind.

45 years ago
Lee Wheeler retired after 24 years with the Lassen County Department of Agriculture. Wheeler served as the senior agricultural inspector and deputy sealer of weights and measurements. Wheeler and his wife, Helen, were residents of Susanville for more than 35 years.

35 years ago
Feather Publishing Company, Inc. President Everett Bey was installed as the 1984 president of the California Newspaper Publishers Association at its 94th annual convention. A native of LaCross, Wisconsin, Bey was a newspaperman for 48 years,
He purchased Feather Publishing in 1968, which then consisted of three Plumas County weeklies. Under his leadership as publisher and editor, the company expanded to six weeklies, including the Lassen County Times and the Westwood PinePress.

30 years ago
A burro that had served as the Bureau of Land Management’s mascot and has appeared in parades, petting zoos and other local events was found beheaded along Highway 395.
No motive for the bizarre slaying was determined, but BLM investigator Steve Sharder speculated the killing could have been the work of a cult or some sort of initiation rite.
In a related incident, BLM investigators determined a saddle horse found shot in the head was the same animal that had been seen wandering loose outside the agency’s Wild Horse Corrals near Litchfield.

25 years ago
The view from Inspiration Point, high above Susanville at the west end of town, was less than impressive.
A preponderance of trash and graffiti, not to mention speeding drivers, added to the state of the area.
Nearby residents voiced opinions about seeing visual improvements.
Several residents told the city council they were tired of having to deal with negative issues such as drug paraphernalia, used condoms, beer cans, graffiti and speeding cars.
They also noted they were worried about their children being hurt in such conditions.

20 years ago
Flood control and public safety are two primary goals of the Piute Creek restoration project in Susanville Memorial Park.
Saying the change would not be good or bad, just different, Jorgen Bloomberg and Danny Goetting, of the nonprofit Waterways Institute, presented two possible designs for the stream to the public and then to the city council.

Six years ago
A 63-year-old Westwood man died after being caught in a structure fire in Clear Creek.
Emergency personnel pulled the unconscious man out of the burning building, but the life-saving measures taken immediately were unsuccessful.

Last year
The city of Susanville voted in closed session to end its relationship with police chief John King Jan. 22.
According to a brief Jan. 23 statement from Dan Newton, interim city administrator, “The city of Susanville decided to separate police chief John King from employment with the city of Susanville because of incompatibility of management styles.
“This separation was effective at the end of the business day on Jan. 22, 2018. Sergeant Kelly Merritt has been appointed acting chief of police.”