Remember When for the week of 1/7/20

97 years ago

Lassen County residents struggled to remove the nearly 10 feet of snow that fell during a three-week period in January. The lack of manpower hampered the distribution of food, medical supplies and warm clothing to senior citizens.

Although the newspaper could not confirm any deaths, reporters announced there were rumors more than 10 people had starved or froze to death in the northern part of Lassen County.


72 years ago

Residents in the eastern section of the Honey Lake Valley reported a pack of wild dogs roaming the sage-brushed mountains near Doyle and Milford. Farmers reported some of their livestock had been injured and in some instances killed.

One rancher said four dogs trapped his 6-year-old daughter in a barn for more than two hours.

His son saved her by sneaking up on the pack and striking two of the dogs on the back with a shovel, causing the pack to flee.


47 years ago

Sun blindness was the cause of a two-vehicle accident near Westwood. A Susanville man drifted into the oncoming lane and struck the lead car in a line of cars head on. No one was seriously injured and both drivers were wearing their seatbelts.


37 years ago

Kim Peterson assumed the position of manager of the Lassen County Fair. He replaced John Farris, who resigned from the post to go into private business. Peterson was the assistant manager of the Santa Clara County Fair before being selected.


32 years ago

The murder trial of Janesville resident Paul Jacob Grant completed its third day of testimony in an Alturas courtroom, where it had been moved because of the deep feelings the case had generated in Lassen County. Prosecutors delved into Grant’s private life in an emotionally-charged afternoon that saw Grant nearly break down in tears. Grant was later convicted of killing his wife Margaret and neighbor Martha Morlang.


20 years ago

Redevelopment would work in Susanville and possibly generate $49 million to improve the city’s economy, according to a feasibility study presented to the city council.

Many areas of Susanville were clearly blighted, according to Jon Huffman, a vice president at Urban Futures, Inc. of Orange, California, which completed the study. The company recommended including most of the city in the redevelopment project areas.


15 years ago

As the city of Susanville entered its third week without an airport manager, City Administrator Newell Sorensen said he was working to readvertise the position.

However, City Council member Doug Sayers said the council will decide how to hire someone to run the city airport.

“If the council wants to go out and redo the Request for Proposals, we can,” Sayers said. “We can also take and pick a man that is second in line. The council can make that decision, not Newell Sorensen.”


Last year

Dan Blackard just enjoyed making his own music and uploading it to SoundCloud to share his creations — but he never thought his work would serve as the catalyst for a collaboration with a man he’s never met in person and the production of more than 100 songs.

Blackard lived in Susanville for about 23 years with his wife, Mary, and three children, Jake, Logan and Emily, who graduated from Lassen High School. Now he and his wife reside in Reno, but foundation for the collaboration that led to the duo’s inaugural album started locally.