Remember When for the week of 1/8/19

95 years ago
Since merchants reported an increase in business along Main Street, many community leaders pushed politicians to repave the street. The Susanville City Council had talked about refinishing Main Street in years before, but had always shelved the project.

45 years ago
Susanville was swamped with nine inches of rain during a seven-day period. The rains were part of a statewide storm that killed 92 people and left an estimated 10,000 people homeless after California was hit with the worst floods in 30 years.

35 years ago
The Eagle Lake Sailing Association went on record as being in opposition to the existing and planned boating facilities provided at Eagle Lake by the U.S. Forest Service.
In an open letter to the Forest Service, association members expressed “frustration and deep disappointment” with the new launch ramp and they questioned the long-range plans for recreational facilities. The letter stated the proposed Gallatin ramp was too shallow and there was a build-up of silt in the lakebed.

25 years ago
A new engine has been added to the fleet of emergency response vehicles operated by the Susanville Police Department.
City officials recently took delivery of a 1993 Westates fire pumper, the first new firefighting vehicle purchased by the city of Susanville since 1987. Designated as “Engine 621,” the new pumper was designed specifically to help the growing city of Susanville meet both its present and future needs.

20 years ago
The Sierra Army Depot asked state officials to blow up and burn 57 percent more ammunition and rocket motors per year than was currently allowed at the Herlong site.
However, complaints from Milford residents of shock waves and structurally damaged homes had potential to hinder the request.

15 years ago
While most of America continued to be concerned about Mad Cow Disease, wholesalers and retailers in Lassen County said there was no reason to be concerned about the quality of beef.
“You could get sicker after getting a flu shot than by eating beef from Susanville Supermarket,” store manager Todd Eid said.

Six years ago
Susanville resident Mike Morales saved an elderly woman’s life when he carried her out of her burning residence on Richmond Road.
The fire that started in the early hours of New Year’s Eve caused extensive damage to the home, but neighboring houses were saved.

Last year
While Plumas County finds itself facing a flu epidemic, Lassen County and the rest of California are experiencing moderate levels of the seasonal disease. Some states face severe outbreaks of the flu.

But Steve Tank, a public health nurse with Lassen County, advised residents, “The flu hasn’t reached epidemic proportions here. We’re getting cases, but not at the epidemic level. It hasn’t hit as hard in Lassen County yet, but it’s going to.”