Remember When for the week of 10/2/18

150 years ago
Lassen County residents who felt the shock of the 1906 earthquake said the shock of the 1868 San Francisco quake was greater.

95 years ago
Susanville residents were shocked to hear long-term county surveyor Thad McKay died of complications from pneumonia in the county hospital. McKay was a beloved member of the community and many people saw him working just days earlier.

70 years ago
An estimated 250 million tons of high-grade iron-ore, with 64 to 68 percent iron content, was reportedly found in a deposit near Westwood. The Western Mining Council surveyed the area and stated the county’s deposits were the greatest in the state, exceeding Riverside County’s estimated 50 million tons.

30 years ago
State Senator John Doolittle, R-Rocklin, seeking reelection to his third term in the first district, criticized the proposed K-12 AIDS curriculum proposed by the Lassen County AIDS Task Force committee. The curriculum, which Lassen County Superintendent of Schools William Gillaspie was expected to endorse later that week, said it was OK to have casual sex as long as one uses protection, Doolittle said. Doolittle introduced legislation calling for mandatory HIV testing for prostitutes and intravenous drug users.

25 years ago
After a detailed staff report, the Lassen County Planning Commission decided the co-generation facility proposed by Susanville Resources, Inc./ Lassen College, is not in conformance with the county’s general plan.
The decision on the non-conformance question came after a late afternoon review, which lasted until nearly 6 p.m.
The 4-0 vote by the Planning Commission members caused the denial of conformance to go back to the Lassen County Governing Board.

20 years ago
What was hoped to be a centering point for the Native American community finally came to fruition the previous Friday when the Modoc/ Lassen Indian Housing Authority opened Warrior Park in the upper Susanville Indian Rancheria.
More than 60 adults and children attended the ceremony.

Six years ago
Susanville Supermarket held a birthday party for longtime customer Charles Redwine for his 100th birthday. According to Carla Reddin, the Susanville Supermarket employee who organized the event, Redwine had shopped in the building since 1968, before it was Susanville Supermarket.

Last year
Prompting the closure of two schools — Lassen High School and Lassen Community College — and ensuring everyone’s dedication to hand washing and hand sanitizer, numerous suspected cases and one confirmed case of viral meningitis struck Lassen County.
Lassen County Public Health is investigating one confirmed case and 21 suspected cases as of
Sept. 28.