Remember When for the week of 12/11/18

95 years ago
Law enforcement officials conducted a hunt for a pack of dogs that ravaged five ranch homes near the Milford area. An estimated seven dogs had reportedly attacked livestock and pets and tormented children during a two-week period.

45 years ago
The Lassen High School boys’ basketball program made its television debut on KTNV Channel 2 in Reno. The varsity Grizzlies played Reno High School in a non-league game.

35 years ago
Snow Prince Pat Roth and Princess Terri Speth were honored in the “Spirit of Christmas” festival hosted by the Lassen County Chamber of Commerce.
Both were students at Lassen High School.

30 years ago
Directors of the Lassen Municipal Utility District openly acknowledged that they were being called to testify before the Lassen County Grand Jury.
Word of the hearings was divulged when the LMUD board moved to track down the source of the leaked confidential files from its Susanville offices by having employees sign affidavits swearing they had not released the documents.
LMUD employees were also required to fill out daily work logs and time cards.

25 years ago
A fire in the early morning hours Dec. 14 — in the midst of Westwood’s first major snowstorm of the season — gutted Moonlight Lanes Restaurant and Bowling Alley, closing down the bowling facility in the Westwood-Almanor Basin area.

20 years ago
An undercover drug buy program working to identify the area’s teenage drug problem ended with the arrest of 11 adults and eight juveniles.
The Lassen County Narcotics Task Force completed a three-month long undercover controlled substance buy program on Dec. 9. The program involved an undercover sheriff’s deputy posing as a high school student.
The program targeted the selling of controlled substances to students attending Lassen High School.

Six years ago
In the beginning of December, severe storms caused heavy flooding in Susanville.
Some roads were closed and even some residences were threatened by the rising water levels. Small trees were even uprooted along the Susan River banks due to the force of the water.

Last year
Balloons, flowers and friends decorated a room at Eagle Lake Village as resident Virginia Weaver celebrated her centennial birthday.
Dec. 5, friends and fellow residents surrounded Weaver for a birthday celebration, complete with cake, ice cream and presents as all wished her a happy day.
“It just happened,” noted Weaver on her many years of life. However, her life is a life well lived.
“It’s been a wonderful 100 years,” she added.