Remember When for the week of 12/4/18

95 years ago
The Susanville Chapter of the Red Cross announced a Christmas roll call drive to solicit new members. It was also reported that this marked the last time the Red Cross would publicly seek members, as it would use private recruitment measures in the future.

45 years ago
Congressman Bizz T. Johnson said he urged the House of Representatives and Senate Committees on Interior to impose grazing fees on government, national forest and public lands.

35 years ago
CP National officials reported the city of Susanville’s offer of $1.4 million to purchase the city’s water supply system was not enough.
The company said it would keep the utility if it could not receive its asking price of $1.9 million.
CP National District Manager Al Conlee said the city’s offer was acceptable when it was presented four years earlier, but was no longer sufficient. The city backed out of the purchase in 1979, but took up the acquisition again in 1983.

30 years ago
A Butte County jury found Gary Wayne Labranch, 29, of Sacramento, guilty of second-degree murder for killing three members of the Susanville Ellena family.
California Highway patrol officers reported Labranch was drunk and driving in the wrong lane two miles south of Doyle when his car rammed head-on into the Ellenas’ car.

25 years ago
Several northeastern California residents voiced their support for a proposed national gas pipeline at an environmental scoping meeting for the project.
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the California State Land Commission, along with a supporting role by the Bureau of Land Management, were undertaking the environmental impact statement for the proposed Pacific Gas Transmission/ Tuscarora Gas Transmission pipeline project jointly.

20 years
Expansion of the Lassen County Animal Shelter was the topic of a meeting, but Susanville officials weren’t ready to commit money to the project. The month prior, the Lassen County Board of Supervisors pledged $15,000 to create more room at the shelter. The pledge was contingent on the city matching that amount.

Six years ago
It was announced the Lassen Animal Rescue in Westwood would close later in the month.
The animal shelter began in 2006 and placed about 1,453 at-risk dogs and cats in homes, according to the organization’s founder.

Last year
The Lassen County Board of Supervisors is not looking to rush into making decisions regarding the licensing of cannabis.
“We bring this up because we’re obligated to,” said supervisor David Teeter, noting his discomfort with commercial cannabis and the difference between state and federal marijuana laws. “I don’t want to rush into this, I want staff to take the work that we’re talking about and provide something for us that gives us the best chance of success.”
During the Nov. 28 meeting, the board looked over the recently set state regulations regarding medicinal and adult-use cannabis, prior to the Jan. 1 date, at which point the sale of marijuana will be legal for recreational use.
Ultimately, however, the board majority leaned in favor of taking its time regarding licenses.