Remember When for the week of 2/11/20

80 years ago

Plans to widen the sidewalk to 10 feet and new curb and gutter construction were under way around the post office building at the corner of Lassen and Nevada Streets. Lassen Street was to receive attention from the north end of the courthouse. The construction of curbs and gutters along the six-block stretch was expected to be completed by spring.


55 years ago

The California State Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification notified Lassen County law enforcement agencies that a notorious fake check passer was retracing his steps through northern or central California, according to a trail of bad checks. The check forger had been rated as the nation’s best, with his prime targets being motels, boarding houses and apartment houses.


40 years ago

The three-phase plans for expanding Diamond View and McKinley schools were presented to the Susanville Elementary School board. The plans would eventually end in a large expansion of both schools, making them able to accommodate up to 300 students each.


30 years ago

A massive winter storm buried Lassen County under nearly three feet of snow, leaving some city streets virtually impassible.

The California Highway Patrol reported no major accidents during the storm, although a snowplow had a head-on collision with a car near Wendell. No injuries were reported in the accident.

Four inmate crews from the California Correctional Center helped clear the snow at the Standish/Litchfield Post Office, the county courthouse, the Senior Center in Susanville and in the area of the Susan River bridge.


25 years ago

A Bauer Road resident shot a 100-pound mountain lion at point-blank range just a half a mile off Richmond Road.

The tawny cat was killed after the man opened a door to a shed and saw the mountain lion standing there. When the cat crouched and showed its teeth, the resident pulled a sidearm and shot the cougar in the head.

The resident had been packing a sidearm after he’d seen evidence a lion was coming on his property, and he felt his family was in danger. This marked the third puma killing in the Gold Run area in the past six weeks. Reports of a fourth lion killed could not be verified by the Department of Fish and Game.

Four of the big cats were killed in 1994 in the Doyle area.


20 years ago

State Assemblyman Sam Aanestad has sent about 60 complaints to the FBI and the state’s judicial review panel about Lassen County’s justice system.

At a town hall meeting, the third district legislator, who represents Lassen County, said he and his staff would not personally investigate the complaints.


15 years ago

Dyer Mountain Associates, LLC Principal Partner Briar Tazuk requested and received an opportunity to set the record straight on the future of his proposed Dyer Mountain Resort from the Lassen County Board of Supervisors at the board’s meeting.

During the public comment portion of the board meeting, Tazuk explained his desire to sit down with the board and the public in a study session.


Last year

Standish rancher Richard Parker, 68, pleaded not guilty Monday, Feb. 4 in Lassen County Superior Court to 88 misdemeanor counts regarding alleged bird and animal poaching. In 2018, one wildlife officer said the case could be the largest raptor poaching case in California history.