Remember When for the week of 2/19/19

95 years ago
The word hit Lassen County that the U.S. Shipping Board was seeking 1,500 young Americans to learn how to ignite boilers used on the new ships of the country’s merchant marine fleet and later to be employed.
The newspaper predicted a flood of local people would apply for the jobs.

45 years ago
Robert Theiler resigned as the Lassen High School superintendent in order to accept a four-year contract to serve as the president of Lassen College.
Theiler has worked as the superintendent of both Lassen High and Susanville Elementary School Districts since 1963.

35 years ago
There was a troublesome outbreak of vandalism at Diamond View Middle School, spurring school trustees to look at the problem.
School maintenance personnel had to rid the bathroom walls of graffiti and students had to search for operative water fountains because so many of them have been damaged.

33 years ago
A reader called and read a clip from a February 1986 issue of the “Lassen Advocate” detailing flooding in the area.
The rain began Feb. 12 and by Feb. 17, many roads in the Seven Bridges Area were wiped out. By Feb. 18, Lassen County was declared a disaster area.

25 years ago
Perhaps no issue in the history of Lassen County has caused so much controversy — nor called so many citizens to action — as the issue of whether Susanville Resources, Inc. should be allowed to operate a medical waste incinerator facility at Lassen College.
According to Lassen College trustee Robert Hill, SRI corresponded with the college — by way of a letter from SRI President Fred Yelinek and another from its attorney, Frank Cady — asking the college board to withdraw the college’s application to the California Department of Health Services for a medical waste burning permit.
The correspondence also requested a meeting between SRI and the college board be arranged in order to work out various legal and contractual issues.

20 years ago
A split vote recently stalled a money-saving new insurance plan for the city of Susanville.
A committee formed to find solutions to the rising cost of city health insurance met in recent months with insurance company representatives. Three of the five bargaining unit representatives recommended a Blue Cross plan instead of the current coverage under Operating Engineers.

Last year
The new year had just begun and already, the California Correctional Center and Lassen Humane Society were celebrating the adoption of their 500th dog, named Lucy, from the Pups on Parole program and Lassen County Animal Shelter.
The success of this program benefited the community, inmates and dogs.
Inmates in the program share that the program gives them a sense of purpose, pride and duty by giving them the opportunity to participate in the daily responsibilities of caring for, socializing and training the dogs.