Remember When for the week of 2/5/19

95 years ago
The county was hit with the third snowstorm to fall between November and February, with the latest dumping nearly 10 inches of snow. Many Honey Lake Valley residents had to dig their way out of their homes after a New Year’s Day snowstorm.

35 years ago
Everett Buff, 21, of Janesville, was arrested and charged with the murder of Orval M. Dieter, 75, of Susanville. The 3 a.m. arrest was the culmination of an “all out manhunt,” said Susanville Police Chief Marcus Murphy.
The tip that lead to Buff’s arrest came from a detailed description of the gunman, who allegedly shot Dieter. The description came from the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department and the help of the victim’s widow, who reportedly witnessed the shooting.

30 years ago
The Lassen County Board of Supervisors unanimously supported Sheriff Ron Jarrell’s proposal to contract with design engineers to increase the scope of the new county jail.
Jarrell said the proposed 120-bed facility was too small to accommodate the projected 120 inmates in 1999 and 250 in 2009. The supervisors approved an additional $150,000 to satisfy Jarrell’s request.

25 years ago
Lassen County Sheriff Deputies Si Bollinger and Curt Gatie felt a curfew in Westwood would help eliminate some of the crime reported daily in the area. Vandalism, break-ins, graffiti and petty thefts seemed to happen almost daily in the small town.

20 years ago
Splintering gangs and increased yard violence have caused the State Corrections Departments to propose a new unit for inmates who continue to commit felonies at High Desert State Prison.
The proposed administration segregation unit would be more secure than the current one. The “AdSeg” unit was the prison within the prison for inmates who commit major crimes while incarcerated.

15 years ago
The Lassen County Times, along with its parent company, Feather Publishing, established a $500 scholarship to honor longtime Lassen County journalist Jane Feller. The Jane Feller Memorial Scholarship would be awarded that spring to a Lassen Community College student who planned to pursue a career in journalism.

Six years ago
Lassen County deputy Raymond C. Bogart was honored 98 years after his death. On Jan. 11, 1915, Bogart arrested a man for bringing alcohol into the then-dry Westwood. The man proceeded to shoot Bogart as he was being placed in a nearby cell.
Bogart’s name was attached to a bronze plaque that listed names of officers who died in the line of duty.

Last year
Ressa Rice, former Roosevelt Pool lifeguard and instructor, and now the Honey Lake Valley Community Pool’s new manager, is putting her focus on getting the pool ready for the swim season.
Born and raised in Lassen County, Rice is just as excited for the coming swim season as the rest of the community. She’s most enthused to see all of the people at the pool again, and said she “can’t wait till the people show up and get their passes.”