Remember When for the week of 3/03/20

120 years ago

Mr. John Wagner, the new proprietor of the Quincy-Oroville Stage Line, came up from Merrimack to complete arrangements for running his stages. It was Wagner’s intention to maintain a first-class line in all respects, and he invited public patronage.


100 years ago

The Trio Lumber Company, owners Merril Y. Stoddard, M.R. Thornton and A.C. Berg, purchaser of a considerable tract of government stumpage near Quincy Junction, expected to begin active logging and milling operations around May 1.

The company was expected to employ at least 25 men year-round and additional workers to be hired as the work demands.


80 years ago

The board of directors of the Susanville Chamber of Commerce decided to take a more active interest in the financial and government affairs of the county.

It was decided members of a governmental committee would attend all county supervisors’ meetings in the future in an effort to lend assistance to the supervisors and also to keep the businessmen of the community in closer contact with county business.


40 years ago

The Lassen County Sheriff’s Department reported its investigation continued into the apparent bombing of an aircraft belonging to a Bieber area ranch.

Accounts of the explosion varied, although one resident reported to have heard what sounded like a sonic boom about the time the incident occurred.


35 years ago

A possible conflict between the state and Lassen County over the county’s housing element of the General Plan surfaced during a meeting of the Lassen County Board of Supervisors.

The county planning director said the state Department of Housing was satisfied with the element. However, he said the state had indicated it would not accept the work unless the county issued a negative declaration or an environmental impact report.


25 years ago

Tragedy struck Lassen County when a deputy sheriff was shot and killed by a suspect in a domestic dispute. Larry Griffith, 44, was one of the four officers who responded to the call in Ravendale. It was the first time in 25 years a Lassen County Deputy Sheriff had been killed in the line of duty.

A large crowd attended Griffith’s funeral, and it seemed every tree and lamppost was decorated with blue ribbons to honor Griffith’s memory.


20 years ago

When Lassen County got $2 million from the state of California to build its soon-to-open juvenile hall, the idea was for neighboring counties’ hard core juveniles to fill the beds and help pay operational costs.

But no northern county has ever signed anything to use the facility — expected to open in April — despite the state’s view that Northeastern California needed such a lockup.


15 years ago

In a continuing evaluation of Lassen County Fair Manager Claud Neely, the Lassen County Board of Supervisors brought the matter before the public at its meeting.

In fact, it was Neely who asked and agreed to the open meeting to discuss his management style.

Six years ago

Joanna McElrath, who pleaded guilty to the Jan. 1, 2011 premeditated and deliberate first-degree murder of her husband, off-duty Susanville police officer Robert McElrath, will be a senior citizen if she’s ever allowed to walk free from behind those prison walls.

According to a plea bargain offered by Lassen County District Attorney Bob Burns, McElrath was expected to receive a 25-years-to-life sentence during a May hearing in Lassen Superior Court.


Last year

The official confirmation came in a two-sentence email statement from Michele Kane, the chief external affairs for the California Prison Industry Authority.

“Yes,” Kane wrote, “the waivers were issued yesterday (Feb. 26). Thank you.”

The newspaper asked Kane to verify information provided to the newspaper by Lassen County District 2 Supervisor David Teeter.

Teeter said the waivers, which allow Susanville’s Morning Glory Dairy to sell milk and eggs to High Desert State Prison and the California Correctional Center rather than have those commodities supplied by CalPIA, were issued for a full year — through February 2020.