Remember When for the week of 3/20/18

95 years ago

An illegal gambling joint was seized and two operators were arrested.
The men were apprehended when law enforcement officials dropped in during two card games involving about 20 men.

45 years ago

One-time Lassen Community College student Thomas Bucknell, of Westwood, was one of 20 agricultural students chosen by the governor to participate in a six-month farm management trip to Africa.

The group’s objective was to help train Moroccan farmers to use more efficient farming techniques.

35 years ago

A Westwood woman suffered a back injury during an auto accident while driving through the Feather River Canyon.

After the accident, the woman managed to save her child from further injury by climbing up a 50-foot embankment.

30 years ago

Eighty-year-old Harold T. “Bizz” Johnson, a longtime congressman who represented Lassen County for more than 11 terms, died at his home in Roseville. The trail alongside the Susan River was named after him.

The additions to Lassen County Hospital and the California Correctional Center were some noteworthy results of his work in Washington.

25 years ago

Susanville Forest Products announced last week its sawmill, which has operated since 1979, will be closing within the next 60 days.

According to a press release issued by General Manager Rick Parker, the decision was a direct result of the “direction of the Lassen and Plumas National Forest timber programs and the resulting lack of adequate timber supply in the foreseeable future.”
16 years ago

In Susanville, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is approximately $2.12 as of March 14, and some say the price could go even higher.

Bill Harkness, plant manager for Staub Energy in Susanville, said many factors caused the recent rise, which affected the commodities market, such as the oil industry.

Harkness, who has been in the petroleum business for 17 years — three with Staub — said most crude oil is brought from the Middle East, Mexico and Venezuela. Because of the long-lasting strike halting drilling operations in Venezuela, which supplies 15 percent of the world’s oil, he said there is definitely a shortage of crude oil, which raises the price.

10 years ago

Students in Lassen High School’s Lassen Environmental and Applied Partnership program are working on 35 projects that will benefit others.

High school students and instructor, Dawn Egan, shared about the 35 projects during a Lassen Union High School Board of Trustees meeting.

Lassen Environmental and Applied Partnership is a community-based program where students do projects helping the community or school.

Last year

A 6:30 a.m. attack at the California Correctional Center on March 15 sent five prison staff members and an inmate to the hospital.

CCC spokesman Lt. James Crandall said, “There was an incident on one of the facilities that involved approximately 30 inmates. They attacked staff. Five staff members went to outside hospitals for further medical treatment. There were no serious injuries.”