Remember When for the week of 3/24/20

130 years ago

A great deal of trouble and vexation caused to the traveling public by the bottomless condition of the piece of road in front of Sugru’s place might be overcome by the judicious use of sagebrush which abounds on each side of the road.

A plentiful layer of sagebrush lain crosswise of the crack is an excellent means of temporary relief from an embargo of mud.


80 years ago

Demonstrations of a newly purchased fire truck were held in front of Lassen High School. The first demonstration began after two hoses were connected to the pump on the engine and local boys were shown how to get the most water from their new machine. A third larger hose was attached and all three hoses were used at once with no loss of water pressure.


55 years ago

The Susanville City Council, at an regular meeting, rejected all bids on the construction of the proposed city fire station.

After considering all matters pertaining to the bids, the council then took action to reject them.


35 years ago

The Susanville City Planning Commission approved the rezoning of 79 acres of land located at the southern city limits of Susanville at Sierra Road. The property, known as the Sierra Road Annexation, was in an unclassified zoning district, but with the zoning change the new classification will be “M” or general industrial district zoning.


30 years ago

Two Nevada motorcyclists were killed in a head-on collision near Fort Sage while preparing for the 1990 Lassen Hare Scramblers.

According to a member of the race’s sponsoring group, the two riders were apparently riding in opposite directions on the race course — one riding uphill and one riding downhill — when they collided head-on at a high rate of speed on a blind corner.

According to the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office, the accident occurred on the northeast side of Turtle Mountain.


20 years ago

“We are in excellent financial conditions,” President Ken Cerreta recently told the Lassen College Board. “However, I am getting a little concerned with the falling FTES.”

Enrollment of Full Time Equivalent Students fell almost one-third. From a high of more than 2,600 in 1997, enrollment of just 2,000 was projected for this school year, according to the school’s most recent quarterly financial status report.


15 years ago

More than 50 north Susanville residents concerned about apartments proposed near Skyline Drive and Numa Road convinced the Susanville Planning Commission to vote against the project.

At a public hearing at city hall, four commission members voted unanimously not to recommend a General Plan Amendment and zone change for the 5-acre parcel located on the north side of Skyline Road between Numa Road and Cameron Way.

Planning commission member Rick Stewart made a motion for the city council to disapprove the application.


Last year

In an unexpected turn of events during the closed session of the March Lassen Community College Board of Trustees meeting, the board did not renew the contracts of three administrators.

In a statement from Dr. Marlon Hall, LCC president/ superintendent, Hall told the newspaper the board decided to not renew the contracts of three individuals. However, Hall wrote, “Lassen Community College thanks those individuals for their time at LCC and wishes those individuals success in their future endeavors.”

The three administrators are LCC Vice President of Academic Services, Dr. Gregory South, Vice President of Academic Services, Dave Clausen and Dean of Student Services, Patrick Walton.