Remember When for the week of 4/16/19

100 years ago
The Red River Lumber Company dairy barn burned to the ground at Mountain Meadows. A burning lantern, located in one of the barn’s rooms, ignited the contents of a gasoline tank and caused the blaze.

50 years ago
The Lassen College boxing team was preparing for the third annual Lassen Junior College Boxing Show to be held at the Pacific Street Gym. Bob Genasci coached the highly popular team.

35 years ago
A new heliport was under construction at the California Department of Forestry’s Grasshopper Forest Fire Station, located three miles north of Eagle Lake on Highway 139.
When completed, the heliport was to be elevated more than six feet, with a 50-by-50-foot concrete landing pad, fitted with lighting for night use.

30 years ago
The sheriff’s department reported statistical increases in crime and arrests in Lassen County.
Sheriff Ron Jarrell said much of the increase was the result of a stepped-up drug enforcement program.
According to report, there were 453 reported felonies in 1988, including five homicides and 106 cases involving drugs.

25 years ago
Representatives of the Susanville Indian Rancheria were looking into gambling as one of several options for economic development of the Rancheria.
Although tribal officials claim their actions were preliminary and were in no way indicative gaming was coming to Susanville, they verified they visited Indian gaming establishments in Southern California to observe operations and decide whether to further investigate gaming as an economic development alternative.

20 years ago
The company that granted a natural gas franchise for the city of Susanville expected to have gas flowing before the year was out.
But another company might have beat Reno-based Quantum Dynamics to the punch.
“There are others who are considering bringing gas, and we may end up with whoever gets there first,” city administrator J. Newell Sorenson told the city council.

15 years ago
Annual water and natural gas rates increases might help the city of Susanville avoid a cash shortage and the threat of being unable to pay its bills, according to finance director Robert Porfiri.
“Unless revenues keep up with expenditures, sooner or later the city will have a cash shortage and will be unable to fulfill its obligations.” Porfiri reported to the city council at the April 21 meeting.

Last year
New evidence surfaced in the infamous 37-year-old Keddie murders case. And more developments were anticipated.
DNA taken from a strip of white medical tape consistent with that used to bind the victims’ hands and ankles, and to cover the mouth of one victim, has revealed much as the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office moves forward in its efforts to solve the quadruple murder case.
A segment of tape containing identifiable DNA was found on the floor near the body of Glenna “Sue” Sharp, 36, in 1981, said Plumas County Sheriff’s special investigator Mike Gamberg.