Remember When for the week of 4/3/18

95 years ago

According to the local newspaper, the county could expect a rash of settlers to flock to Northern California. An article stated more people were looking to escape from the nation’s big cities on the East Coast and along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers.

A group of Susanville businessmen paid for an advertisement to run in several metropolitan papers, encouraging people to discover both the beauty and the friendly people of Honey Lake Valley.

35 years ago

Kevin Tomlin, a restaurant cook in Doyle, found $1,500 in cash lying under a bush while he was walking home after work. He turned the money in to the sheriff’s department in hopes of owning it in a year if no one claims the money.

35 years ago

The city council accepted resignations from Stephen Bradbury, Al Robbins, Cecil Webb and Charlie Richardson of the Susanville Municipal Energy Corporation. The resigning members said they wanted to see the energy corporation headed by new representatives from the general public to replace the positions occupied by local businessmen such as themselves.

30 years ago

A major timber salvage operation, directed by the U.S. Forest Service, got underway near Milford to sell the timber burned in the 1987 Clark fire.

15 years ago

A missing Michigan teenager was reunited with her mother March 25 and flew home to Jones, Michigan.

“It’s like you gave me my baby back. It’s like I have given birth again,” said a grinning Carol Ryan to Susanville’s California Highway Patrol officers on Tuesday morning.

Ryan flew from Jones to Susanville to be reunited with her daughter, Lindsey Ryan, who was found by the CHP after a tip that she and her alleged abductor, Terry Drake, 56, of Middlebury, were at the Wayside Inn in Standish.

10 years ago

The Susanville Police Department has no leads to explain the sudden rash of car break-ins that occurred the previous week.

Four cars were broken into between 10:13 a.m. and 6:15 p.m. March 24. All the incidents occurred in the same general area of northwestern Susanville.

Last year

You wouldn’t have to go too far in Lassen County to hear horror stories about the weather this year, given two flooding events that hit us in January and February.

But dig this — Susanville weather watcher Dr. Owen Bateson, who may possess the county’s best meteorological records, has an even bigger story to tell — this year the county topped its all- time precipitation record (with three months still to go), and 2016-2017 season is now officially the wettest on record.

Bateson said through March 30 the monthly total with one day to go at deadline was 3.67 inches of precipitation, about 114 percent of average (compared to 3.22 inches average).