Remember When for the week of 4/7/20

130 years ago

A slight shock from an earthquake visited Susanville about 6:30 a.m. one morning. It shook the tinware in Alexander’s store and the nerves of many residents.

And, the Susan River overflowed its banks down at the bridge just below Hall and Snyder’s mill. The backwater cut a channel around the old blacksmith’s shop across to the other arm of the river.


80 years ago

About 250 women attended the opening meeting of the California Federation of Women’s Club, 110 of whom were accredited delegates. County and club presidents reported from Lassen, Shasta, Plumas, Siskiyou, Amador and Tehama counties. After the meeting there was an auto trip to historic points in Lassen County.


55 years ago

Voters in elementary school districts, including the Lassen Union High School, voted more than two to one against the unification of all schools within the district. For the nine voting precincts, including four of the six in the Susanville Elementary District, the vote was 590 against and 243 for.


35 years ago

Following months of study and revision, the Susanville City Council, on recommendations of the city staff and the city planning commission, adopted the Susanville Vicinity Area Plan. The plan affected those lands that were unincorporated but which could be annexed into the city in the future.


30 years ago

Lassen County Sheriff Ron Jarrell got the go-ahead from the Lassen County Board of Supervisors to apply for a grant to form a Narcotics Task Force. The task force would be formed under the direction of District Attorney Bill Scott and would include members of the Sheriff’s Department, Susanville Police Department and the county Probation Department.

Jarrell told the supervisors California’s Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement would be involved with the task force because as a state agency the BNE can cross jurisdictional boundaries.


20 years ago

State water scientist Glen Pearson showed the Herlong Utility Cooperative Board scientific evidence that water levels in Herlong are on the decline.

He could not explain the reason for the decline, however.


15 years ago

A news reporter shared an experience with Susanville’s law enforcement with the public. The following is an entry from that reporter.

Each week as I scan through the media log at the Susanville Police Department, I get an idea what our city’s finest do every day they patrol the streets.

On April 1, I learned a little more about a patrol officer’s day. It can be monotonous and officers must really enjoy driving practically in circles.

I also learned our men and women in blue are not treated with respect.


Last year

There is a long list of skiers and snowboarders who learned the sport at Coppervale Ski Area, beginning with lessons near the lodge before advancing to the tow rope to hone their skills on a gentle slope under the guidance of Mac McCormick. He volunteered as the tow rope operator at Coppervale for 20 years until his recent death at age 85.

To honor his years of service, a special dedication ceremony was held Saturday, March 30 for the Mac McCormick Memorial Tow Rope.