Remember When for the week of 5/15/18

95 years ago

The local chapter of the American Red Cross began selling miniature American flags to county residents in an effort to raise money to provide medical care for war victims.

45 years ago

Two fishermen rescued John Hyfre, of Susanville and Howard McGowan, of Doyle. There were found clinging to the side of a 14-foot aluminum boat for 30 minutes after it turned over on Eagle Lake. The boat overturned 600 feet from shore in 40 feet of water near Pelican Point.

35 years ago

The Westwood Community Services District was informed it could take part in a lawsuit that could have halted aerial and hand spraying by the U.S. Forest Service.

The lawsuit would challenge the Forest Service’s 1974 Vegetation Management Environmental Impact Study, a document used to justify the spraying of objects. The WCSD said the herbicide spraying had the potential for destroying and damaging watershed, which the district depends on for its water supply.

30 years ago

Residents in Lassen County started receiving power through the Lassen Municipal Utility District. The Lassen Municipal Utility District was purchased from CP National following negotiations lasting more than two years.

25 years ago

A number of community leaders vowed last week to “take back our park” from an alleged criminal element that has reportedly made it an unsafe place for citizens to be.

Officials gathered at Lassen Community College to discuss the problems in local parks, specifically Memorial Park. The meeting, called by members of the Lassen County Grand Jury, was prompted by a complaint the jury received.

16 years ago

A visibly happy Lassen High School Board of Trustees learned at the Nov. 12 board meeting, construction of the new building to replace the current English building may begin next summer and be completed by the summer of 2004.

Proposition 47 — Kindergarten University Facilities Bond — was passed by California voters on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

The largest bond measure ever passed in the state, Prop. 47 provides $13 billion for schools to upgrade facilities and provide new classrooms. This bond will now provide LHS with the money to proceed with the new classroom building on the LHS campus.

10 years ago

When a light rain fell in Lassen County, it left more than raindrops on vehicles and house windows, and a number of residents wondered what this white or grey gunk was all about.

Media outlets in Reno reported the milky rain was from ash carried halfway around the world from a forest fire in Russia.

Last year

The news came in a brief message from the Lassen Superior Court — “Effective June 3, 2017, Superior Court Judge Michele Verderosa will be retiring from the Lassen County Superior Court. It has been an honor and privilege to serve the citizens of Lassen County and the California Judiciary for the past six and half years.”