Remember When for the week of 6/18/19

120 years ago
Susanville women were advised to pay their own carfare when others would pay theirs under similar circumstances. Women should always pay their own way when visiting. When meeting friends or business associates, they should not offer to pay her fare or allow her to pay yours. And don’t argue about it! A businesswoman never lets a businessman pay for her fare.
The social man or woman has met by chance and must be dealt with tactfully. A woman should offer to pay her own way boldly and briskly, but if the man argues the question, as a matter of self-preservation, by all means, let him squander the nickel!

70 years ago
The Susanville Lion’s Club and the Chamber of Commerce planned a huge celebration to dedicate the new Susanville Memorial Park.
A public dance, a parade, the dedication ceremony and two semi-pro baseball games highlighted the event.

45 years ago
A Lassen County pot farmer went free when the California Third District Court of Appeals suppressed the marijuana and other evidence against him seized in a raid by the Lassen County Sheriff’s Department.
The appeals court suppressed the evidence because there was a lack of probable cause for the search warrant that relied on information provided by an unreliable informant. The sheriff’s department seized a large quantity of processed marijuana, paraphernalia and a large marijuana garden.

25 years ago
The Lassen County Board of Supervisors considered establishing a new committee to appoint a new district attorney. The position was held by Susanville attorney Ridgely Lazard, who was appointed by District Attorney Robert Elbert, who resigned following his election earlier that month. One supervisor was especially outspoken in expressing his disappointment.
“The politics and games being played in that position are causing a lot of consternation in the community,” he said.

20 years ago
An ongoing Times investigation of Lassen County court records and internal crime and arrest reports from local law enforcement agencies revealed a pattern of curious police procedures by Lassen County Narcotics Task Force agents since 1995.
The allegations of inappropriate sexual activity, drug usage and entrapment which hound Cherokee Miranda — the task force’s most recent sworn contract informant whose uncorroborated testimony led to 30 arrests in a drug sting in Susanville that fall — also hound other informants used by the task force throughout the past four years.

Last year
The California Parole Board has denied parole for three years for Joseph Perry Shelton, 66, convicted of killing Oregon college student Kevin Thorpe and his girlfriend Laura Craig near Madeline in 1991.
Shelton’s been here before. According to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation website, Shelton was denied parole for four years in March 2006. In August 2009, Shelton voluntarily waived his right to a parole hearing for two years. He did the same in August 2011. In July 2013, a parole suitability hearing was postponed and in November Shelton waived his right to a hearing for one year.
He was granted parole in December 2014, but California Governor Jerry Brown reversed that decision. In April 2016, Shelton again waived this right to a hearing for one year.