Remember When for the week of 6/4/19

120 years ago
Wagon teams from Susanville, Reno and Carson City gathered for the annual relay races, and the competition really heated up. A team from Reno won the quarter mile race in just over 30 seconds and another Reno team also won the half-mile race with a time of 1:13.
In the mile race, a Reno crew grabbed first place in 2:37, with a Susanville team coming in second. In the finale, a five-stage 25-mile race, Reno beat Susanville by more than a mile, but the Carson City team crossed the finish line covered in ashes as the Reno crew set fire to the course as the Susanville team passed in the final five-mile stage.

70 years ago
The committee appointed by the Susanville Chamber of Commerce to study the telephone rate increase proposed by the Public Utilities California Cooperation appeared before the commission at a meeting held in the Lassen County Courthouse. The committee complained a rate increase of 100 percent seemed more than necessary when compared to the rates paid by residents of cities of similar size. The utility’s cooperation did not comment on the committee’s complaint.

45 years ago
The Susanville City Council abandoned, for the time being, plans for additional construction at the Senior Citizen’s Silver Top building and decided to use the $15,000 budgeted for the expansion to help with the cost of building new restrooms at Memorial Park instead.
The construction project went to bid immediately with the $15,000 added to $23,000 already approved.

25 years ago
Dwight Hemick, deputy commissioner of the California Highway Patrol, said the Lassen County Narcotics Task Force would not be losing its CHP position. Hemick said while the officer on the task force would be removed, he would be replaced as part of a normal rotation of duties because it was unhealthy for officers to be in one position for too long. Hemick said the new officer would be “much better trained.”

20 years ago
A Lassen County Narcotics Task Force agent testified under oath she gave away some of the drugs she purchased as part of an undercover sting in Susanville.
This operation netted only $649 worth of drugs and 30 arrests, most of them students at Lassen High School or Lassen Community College.
She also testified under oath the task force knew she was sharing her drugs with people.

15 years ago
Even after weeks of negotiation, the Susanville Indian Rancheria and the Susanville Police Department are at an impasse on how to deal with the upcoming mixed martial arts competition planned for June 26.
Police Chief Chris Gallagher said he was still trying to find a way for the Rancheria to have the fight and not violate the law.
“We would easily come to a resolution if they would restructure the fight with no prize money,” said Gallagher.

Last year
Local dog lovers Mimi Rena and John Dozier received the go-ahead from the Susanville City Council to begin planning for a dog park within the city limits.
Rena said, “A high-quality dog park is a wonderful recreational outlet for dogs and their owners.
“The opportunity to run and play off-leash, in a securely fenced environment, is a very valuable tool in a dog’s social development. Dog parks are being established all over the country and offer a wealth of benefits to dogs, their owners and the community as a whole.”
With Quincy McCourt, the city’s project manager, the couple is looking to take their first step to bringing this idea to fruition.