Remember When for the week of 6/5/18

95 years ago

Fourteen people met at the county courthouse to discuss forming an organization to help elderly residents at home. Those in need were people who could not leave their homes and perform everyday activities around their houses. This is reportedly the first effort in Lassen County to assist the elderly.

70 years ago

Edgar Tolberson, of Chico, caught a 12-pound trout in his boat after just 30 minutes out on Eagle Lake. It was the first bite on his fourth cast of the day. It took Tolberson about 15 minutes to reel in the catch, and he lost his tackle box during the fight with the fish.

45 years ago

A fallen tree on Highway 36 halted traffic west of Westwood for more than three hours. Nearly 40 cars piled up on both sides of the tree before a tow truck moved the tree.

30 years ago

A raging fire destroyed Zimmerman Tire Service June 4. According to Fire Chief John Malmquist, gasoline-soaked rags, ignited by a spark from a heating element on a piece of shop equipment, started the fire. It took firemen 30 to 40 minutes to extinguish the fire. Malmquist estimated the damage to the building equipment to be $65,000.

25 years ago

Lassen High School placed eighth out of 26 schools in the year’s “Challenge of the Minds” competition televised by Public Broadcasting System station KIXE.

The popular program pitted three-person news teams from 26 high schools north of Redding against one another to test the students’ knowledge of such subjects as geography, history, science, politics, sports, literature, English, foreign language and verbal skills.

20 years ago

As many as 50 juvenile offenders, some of them violent, could find temporary homes in Lassen County beginning next year.

But the purpose of expanding the county juvenile justice facility from 10 to 50 beds is to change lives, superior judge Stephen Bradbury said last week.

“You don’t want to just lock them up and leave them in a room,” Bradbury said. “The goal is to change their behavior so they won’t come back.”

10 years ago

Herlong community leaders held an informal meeting at the Fort Sage Family Resource Center May 29 to discuss ways they could come together and start revitalizing the community.

Representatives from several of the boards, businesses and districts in Herlong were in attendance.

Last year

With warmer weather comes the higher risk for vegetation fires.

On June 1, the county experienced two fires, one in Litchfield and another in Standish. Although they were close together, the two fires were unrelated.

According to Cal Fire Public Information Officer Gabe Lauderdale, the Litchfield fire started just before 7 p.m. off of Highway 395 North.

Later in the evening, crews responded to a vegetation fire off of County Road A-3 in Standish.