Remember When for the week of 7/24/18

95 years ago
Wild dogs were thought to be roaming the mountains surrounding Westwood. Local residents reported numerous sightings of a pack of dogs that came within a mile of the town.

70 years ago
The Herlong Civic Association — an organization that functioned as combined city council, chamber of commerce and welfare and recreation authorities — held its first election. The introductory members were Herb Hoyt, Sam Manning, John Ames, Rose Bradbury, Keith Gray, Ruth Jeffers, Chan Beebe and Jerry Johnson.

70 years ago
Susanville dentist Robert Amesbury and Colonel Robert Hamling of the Sierra Army Depot were selected as grand marshals of the Lassen County Fair Parade.

35 years ago
Lassen College was about to lose $400,000 in state funds for the 1983-84 school year due to a statewide cut of $234 million in community college allocations by Governor George Deukmejian.
According to LCC President Warren Sorenson, the act was an attempt to force legislators to impose student’s fees for community colleges. The action marked the fourth consecutive year of funding cuts. Sorenson suggested eliminating more teaching positions and courses.

30 years ago
The Lassen Union High School District Board of Trustees applied to the State Allocation Board for financial assistance to abate the asbestos-containing materials from the school’s Language Arts building. During a remolding project, testing personnel discovered asbestos in the building’s crawl space below floor level.
Formerly the home of Lassen College, the building was closed to all public access.

25 years ago
Susanville had the 15th highest growth rate for California cities in 1992, according to the June 1993 issue of the California Development Bulletin.
The city’s population grew from 11,750 to 12,650 during 1992, according to the bulletin. This represents an increase of 900 people for a 7.7 percent growth rate.

20 years ago
Total crime was up 13 percent for the second quarter of 1998, reported Captain Jason Sterling, of the Susanville Police Department.
According to the report, felony crime decreased by 28 percent and misdemeanor crimes are up by 42 percent. Felony adult arrests were down 10 percent and adult misdemeanor arrests were up 352 percent.
Sterling said the dramatic jump in adult misdemeanor arrests was due to numerous incidents of subjects destroying a citizen’s property with a BB gun.

Last year
Many gathered at the Sierra Army Depot on July 18, for the 41st Change of Command ceremony.
The ceremony allowed attendees to say goodbye to former commander Lieutenant Colonel Brian Kuhn and welcomed new commander Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Johnson.
“My goal for the depot is to continue to support army readiness,” said Johnson.