Remember When for the week of 7/3/18

95 years ago
A record number of county residents attended Westwood’s Fourth of July celebration.
The Westwood band led a parade and District Attorney J.A. Pardee delivered a stirring and patriotic speech.

70 years ago
To encourage food preservation by Susanville’s gardeners, Lassen High School made its food laboratory equipment available to the public.
The facilities include steam pressure cookers, hot water bath containers and a food dehydrator.
Through a program set up by the State Department of Education, the service was offered to homemakers who lack preservation equipment at home.

45 years ago
The Susanville City Council named Louis Templeton, Warren Chapman, Robin Vicar, Cliff Dulcich and Clarence Tweddell to serve on the Board of Appeals under the city’s Dangerous Building Ordinance.

35 years ago
Beiber businessman Carl Parks was chosen to fill the District 4 Board of Supervisor’s seat.
Park’s appointment was made following five months of waiting after the death of incumbent Andrew Babcock.
Although one of the two supposed front-runners, Gary Lemke and Tom Pearson, was expected to fill the position, Governor George Dukmejian chose the 63-year-old Parks, who had an extensive record of involvement in the business community.

30 years ago
Rene Lassen, a relative of Peter Lassen, was a guest speaker at the Lassen County Historical Society meeting. Lassen family members continue to travel to Susanville every two years and visit the grave of their famous ancestor.
Peter Lassen is credited with making the first mark of civilization in the region in 1848.

25 years ago
Prospects for the severity of this summer’s fire season depend on the weather, as it relates to the fire dangers: fuel, moisture and land topography, said Art Port, Susanville District fire manager officer the at the Bureau of Land Management.

20 years ago
Supervisor Everd McCain and his lawyer have whipped Lassen County again and the beatings may not be over.
Last week, the state’s Third Appellate District Court ruled against the county’s appeal of a lawsuit it filed against McCain in 1993 and lost in 1996.
McCain said he will now file a counter-claim against the county seeking almost $1 million in direct damages, an unspecified amount in punitive damages and his attorney fees.

Last year
For a short time, the regular, old Nevada Street hill became the racetrack of local youths’ dreams as they glided down the concrete course in the inaugural Soap Box Derby rally.
June 24, local children, and those from throughout the state, manned their soap box derby vehicles and participated in the inaugural Susanville race.
“I had so much fun, I can’t wait to
do it again,” said local contestant
Alex Shaw.