Remember When for the week of 7/31/18

95 years ago
A forest fire burned more than 500 acres near the Pit River, located around Nubieber, and threatened several ranchers. Most of the fire was allowed to naturally burn because of the lack of firefighting personnel in Northern Lassen County.

70 years ago
Southern Pacific Railroad agent L.E. Cady emphasized the need for more part-time workers to help maintain tracks on the West Coast.
“Southern Pacific is short several thousand section men to help the full-time crews in the Pacific Coast area,” said Cady. Railroad maintenance was a special concern because of an increase in shipping traffic due to the war.

45 years ago
Colonel James Wilson commended Susanville’s National Guard Unit, the 112th Engineering Dump Truck Company, for its exemplary work at Mather Air Force Base.
The crew hauled away 15 two-story barracks and built a trailer park. The work saved the U.S. Air Force about $38,000.

30 years ago
The city of Susanville agreed to post a warning sign urging citizens not to jump or dive into the Susan River near Richmond Road Bridge. Concerns over children jumping off the rocky cliffs near the bridge increased when Lassen high School sophomore Michael Bastiaen suffered several neck injuries following a dive into the river.

20 years ago
Seven of eight 4-H members went to catch and clean one of 10 piglets born at the Lassen County Fair July 23.
Linda and Gary Carter, of Standish, planned to have a sow litter at the fair. Roughly four months ago, the Carters weaned their first litter of their pig, Petunia.
Three days later, they artificially inseminated the 3-year-old sow, knowing in 114 days she would give birth during the fair.
The sow and her Duroc-Yorkshire cross piglets complied beginning at about 11 p.m. Thursday night.
A crowd of as many as 35 people watched until the last piglet was born at 2 a.m.

Six years ago
The county held a dedication ceremony for the new Hall of Justice on Riverside Drive.
The building went through five years of planning, designing and constructing and replaced three other overcrowded facilities.
The new courthouse has three courtrooms, a hearing room and increased security.

Last year
Responding to a report of a suspicious circumstance in Herlong, deputies from the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office discovered human remains inside a residence on Tamarack Street.
According to a statement from the sheriff’s office, the remains “appeared to have been in the residence for an extended period of time.”