Remember When for the week of 8/21/18

121 years ago
After hundreds of wildcats and coyotes were allegedly poisoned to secure human existence in Honey Lake Valley, farmers had to constantly battle pesky jackrabbits. Packs were known to destroy single crops in less than a week. The newspaper encouraged young men to help the farmers by hunting jackrabbits instead of playing baseball.

95 years ago
Three men wandered into Susanville looking for work. They inquired at several merchants for a job, but were turned down. That same week, sheriff officials found them sleeping on various residential lawns at night. One man was discovered snuggling with a resident’s dog in an attempt to stay warm in chilly temperatures.

70 years ago
Featuring a streamlined wartime program, Lassen College offered courses in business, pre-nursing and basic classes for post-war Foreign Service and domestic rehabilitation. In addition, opportunities to study typing, filing and accounting were made available to prepare those willing to serve their country in World War II.

25 years ago
A total of 1,477 rubber ducks competed in the first annual Great Rubber Duck Race fundraiser for the Lassen County Fair, held on the Susan River Aug. 15. A duck sponsored by Dave Eichler, of Standish, took first place and the $1,000 top prize; Arnie Sarvis, of Medford, Oregon captured second for $750; another duck belonging to Connie Dysart, of Standish, came in third, winning $500; and fourth place was given to D. Goad, of Standish, awarding him $250. The Fair Association raised about $4,200 from the event.
Fair Manager Tom Henderson reported the fastest duck swam the quarter mile distance, between Alexander Avenue Bridge and the Little League Field, in 47 minutes.

20 years ago
Historic Uptown Susanville Association President, Geoff Pregill, named Lillian Koppleman as the new director for HUSA.

In her letter to HUSA, Koppleman said, “The goals of the Lassen County Film Commission and HUSA are similar. Renewed Pride in our area and an increase in tourism are some of the results of a successful HUSA and a successful Film Commission.”

16 years ago
Jean Weaver, of Susanville, became an honorary member of an Oregon family last week after she returned a 150-year-old letter she kept safe for seven years. Weaver found the letter in an old frame at a garage sale for which she paid $3. The letter was written to Enos Williams on Aug. 18, 1854 by his grandmother, Dimeus Williams.

Weaver presented the letter to Shirley McCullough, the widow of Williams’ great-great-great grandnephew. The McCullough’s then presented a plaque that read:

“This is to bestow upon Jean Weaver the honorary surname of McCullough in appreciation for her efforts to preserve and return a precious piece of our family history.”

Last year
It’s important to wear proper eye protection during a solar eclipse, as the sun’s rays can damage the eye.
Susanville Supermarket IGA bookkeeper Frank Schickel decided to buy solar glasses for the people of Susanville and the surrounding areas.

“I had won some money from some lottery games and was looking for a fun way to spend it,” said Schickel. “And decided that I’d buy solar glasses for the people of Susanville.”

He said he purchased 3,000 glasses to be handed out to anyone who wanted them at the store.