Remember When for the week of 8/7/18

50 years ago
A 7-year-old boy was reported missing in the Canyon Dam area of Lake Almanor. Sheriff deputies located the boy in a rugged area after a five-hour search.
In an unrelated incident, sheriff’s deputies near camp Prattville Resort found a Hayward girl after a three-hour search. Neither of the children suffered injuries.

45 years ago
Safety first was not the order of the day when a 27-year-old Sacramento man accidentally shot himself in the foot.
The victim was at Wilson Lake when he attempted to draw his .357 Magnum from his holster. The gun fired, sending a bullet through his calf and into his foot. Dr. Greenman at Seneca Hospital removed the bullet.

40 years ago
Local sheriff’s deputy Jerry Young will receive a certificate from the California Department of Justice during a meeting of law enforcement officers in Susanville next week.
According to Attorney General Evelle J. Younger, Young will receive his award for alertness and quick reaction, which resulted in saving two lives.
Young has been with the Sheriff’s Department for one year. He and his wife, Dorothy, reside in Chester with their daughter, Catherine.

25 years ago
A fire that broke out on Big Valley Mountain between Bieber and Fall River Mills at 3:30 p.m. last Thursday consumed 830 acres before being contained early Saturday morning, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.
Dubbed the Widow Fire, the blaze started in a logging area of Aug. 5 and, driven by heavy winds, proceeded to burn timber in a narrow strip several miles long. The wind and the mountainous terrain created problems for firefighters, who scrambled to keep up with the fire’s rapid advance.

20 years ago
Against a backdrop of a long-term declining habitat, most North State deer herds have increased over the past year and should provide hunting opportunities this fall at or above levels of the past two seasons, the California Department of Fish and Game reported last week.
Generous water and feed supplies, produced by El Nino since last fall, are expected to give individual bucks a healthy supply of body fat and antler growth, but will not help overall numbers for another year or two.

Six years ago
Concerned citizens reported a number of deceased fish in Piute Creek, which urged the California Department of Fish and Game to send scientists to investigate.
They concluded the decreased number of fish is due to the recent heavy rainfall, mixed with high temperatures, stirred-up sediment in the creek, creating an algae bloom and decreased oxygen levels in the water.

Last year
Taking breaks from chasing the reflection from shiny objects on the ground and from receiving near constant petting from handlers and visitors, the seven dogs on the Pups on Parole Program at the California Correctional Center were showing off their skills during the Friday, July 28 10th anniversary celebration of the program.
Pups on Parole, which is run by the Lassen Humane Society and the California Correctional Center, partners dogs from the Lassen County Animal Shelter with the firefighting inmates at the California Correctional Center.