Remember When for the week of 9/25/18

95 years ago
Hoards of Susanville residents met in Judge Burrough’s chambers to discuss forming the Lassen County Liberty League. The urgent reason for forming the league was to assist a nationwide liberty bond drive by organizing a local effort.

70 years ago
A fence was erected alongside Highway 395 over a two-mile stretch near Bass Hill. The Honey Lake District of Grazing Surface built the fence to stop cattle from wandering into the highway between Johnstonville and Janesville.

45 years ago
Altus Stevens, District superintendent of Herlong Elementary School, said the district is opposed to Proposition 9, the Watson Tax Trap Initiative. The proposed constitutional amendment called for slashing property taxes and replacing them with corporate taxes. Stevens also said rural schools would suffer the most since district revenues were received mostly from property taxes.

35 years ago
Fire protection and other special districts won a landmark decision against Proposition 13 when the Lassen County Board of Supervisors agreed to change the formula for money allocation to allow for a more equitable method of distributing those funds.

The new formula utilized a 90 percent return of each district’s base factor, granting an additional $88,081 to the county’s districts.

The formula was created to offset the adverse effects Proposition 13 had on district funding.

30 years ago
Janesville Park Project Chairman Jim Vick told the Lassen County Board of Supervisors his group needs the county’s support for a three-year park renovation plan. The group sought county involvement in order to pay for maintenance costs once construction of the park was completed.

25 years ago
Even though he hasn’t gone into production yet, local winemaker Ron Lundner continued to win awards for his honey wines.
Lundner and his son, Zeke, returned from the California State Fair with more awards for his product.
Zeke, who is in his second year at Chico State, won best of show in the label art competition and scored 97 out of a possible 100. There were more than 100 entries in the category, according to Lundner.

Six years
The Susanville Police Department identified the subject who was caught peering under the privacy partition of an occupied bathroom stall in Walmart. According to a police department press release, the suspect was a citizen of Mexico who was in Susanville on a temporary guest worker visa. His employer terminated the suspect’s employment and the case was forwarded to the Lassen County District Attorney’s office for further review.

Last year
A local face will soon grace the screen during a few upcoming episodes of the Discovery Channel’s show, “Diesel Brothers.”
Janesville welder and fabricator Mark Winchester, of Winchester Metal Works, was plucked from the social media crowd to work on some episodes from the show, airing Oct. 2. His Instagram following of more than 22,000 fans helped make him an attractive addition to the show.