Remember When for the week of 9/4/18

95 years ago
Several minor earthquakes struck the Susanville area during the early morning hours. There were some reports of minor damage from the trembles. A group of concerned citizens walked the city streets, searching for major damage, injuries and elderly residents who might need assistance.

70 years ago
Lieutenant John J. Cahill, of Susanville, who was declared missing in action, was cited for meritorious achievement after a flight over the Huon Gulf, Soviet Union.

Cahill was a member of the medium bomber crew.

50 years ago
A photo of Mrs. Lester Coffin, of Eagle Lake, holding a three-pound tomato she grew in her garden, appeared in the newspaper.

She said she normally harvested two-pound tomatoes on a yearly basis.

35 years ago
The Lassen County Animal Control Program got underway and John Knox was hired to run the operation.

It was estimated that there were 5,000 dogs in the county, and only a fraction of them were licensed.

20 years ago
A crew from StoneCo Construction demolished the old Chick Inn, now part of the Lassen High School Campus, Aug. 28.

Superintendent Jane Maxwell said the new senior parking lot on the site would be completed in about two weeks.

Six years ago
On the Chips fire scene in Plumas County, the Mad River Hand Crew discovered a baby bobcat wandering alone in a confused state.

The bobcat, named Chips, was rescued by the firefighters after it was clear the mother was not returning to her cub. Chips was treated for second degree burns on her paws, dehydration and impaired eyesight caused by smoke.

Chips was entered into a wildlife rehabilitation center to introduce her to other bobcats and prepare her for life back in the wild.

Last year
Lassen County residents were continuing to make their voices and concerns heard regarding crime in the area.

During the Aug. 22 Lassen County Board of Supervisors meeting public comment, several people spoke regarding their wishes to see the raising crime addressed.

Pat Holley addressed the board first, regarding the significance of safety and maintaining the good aspects of Lassen County.

He read aloud, a letter to the board requesting a group be formed to tackle the rising crime issue.

“We have to take action locally,” said Holley, asking staff to join a working group to discuss how to best tackle the crime problem.