Reno band with local ties releases new album

Huckleberry Road — featuring former Susanville residents Robert Clark (vocals and guitar), Anthony Vairetta (lead guitar and vocals), and Reno resident Dillon Secklin (drums) recently released a new album.

Former Susanville residents Anthony Vairetta, left, and Robert Clark have been playing music together for more than 20 years. File photo

According to their website, “Though the tour/ outlaw life was supposed to begin in 2020, Huckleberry Road has been chasing the dream for more than two decades. The band began with lifelong friends Robert Clark (vocals and guitar) and Anthony Vairetta (lead guitar). They developed a seasoned and earth-shaking country rock flavor and once Dillon Secklin (drums) joined in, the flavor exploded, bursting off the stage and right into people’s ears, leaving them dumbfounded and excited. Vairetta has the guitar licks that literally light fret boards on fire (no, not literally), mixed with the beats coming from “The Dill” himself is sure to leave you insecure having your girlfriend at the show and in the same vicinity as the band. And if that doesn’t grab your attention, vocals from Bob’O, “the man, the myth, the Giant,” topping off the jams definitely will. This band will keep you dancing and clapping until your hands fall off! (Again, not literally.)”

A little bit country and a little bit rock and roll, you can find the new Huckleberry Road album on your favorite streaming service.