Republican Whip, Steve Scalise, vows to ‘push back’ when the GOP takes control of the House in January

President Biden has been making life difficult, at best, for the average American for the past two years, said Congressman Steve Scalis.

In a new interview with Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens, on her Better For America podcast, he said, “It’s been devastating, especially for hardworking families, lower and middle income families who are struggling under the weight of inflation, energy costs, open border, all brought on by policies pushed by radical big government socialists here in Washington.”

He went on to promise that things will begin to change for the better once Republicans take charge of the House of Representatives.

We’re going to “start pushing back,” the House Republican Whip promised. The plan is to “bring bills in the House, once we’re in the majority, to show the country how we can secure the border, how we can actually lower energy costs and lower inflation, get spending in Washington under control, help make sure law enforcement have the tools they need to push back against the defund the police radicals. I think our country is so desperately hungry for real oversight and accountability, for answers to basic questions. How did COVID originate? Who was behind the debacle in Afghanistan? How many people have come across our open southern border illegally, including how many are on the terrorist watch list? Which states have they been sent to? They won’t answer any of these questions. That’s about to change when we’re in the majority and can have hearings.”

Congressman Scalise pointed out that Republicans will be taking over key committees and that it will give the party the ability to begin getting answers and assigning real accountability.

Scalise vowed to start introducing bills that are long overdue, bills that will make our country energy independent again.

“Why should we be begging foreign countries for energy when we can make it here?” he asked.

He said the fact of the matter is that Joe Biden is not against oil and gas, he’s only against American oil and gas. He sought “to kill the Keystone pipeline, but then he went and greenlighted Russia’s pipeline to Germany, making Europe more dependent on Russian energy. He begged Putin for more oil. He says oil and gas is destroying the planet. Yet he begs countries who emit more carbon to make the same oil, to produce our energy instead of letting America do it. We do it better than anybody else in the world.”

He said people are getting fed up with “these big government socialists who wake up every day and trash America. They beat up on America every day. They teach hatred of America in our schools. They talk about how American energy is so bad, but they fly around on private jets and go to foreign countries and beg them to produce energy instead of us. It makes no sense. It shouldn’t be Saudi or Russia or Venezuela or Iran producing energy that we use. It should be America. And so we’re going to bring bills to show the country how to do that. And, by the way, it will also lower inflation. It’ll lower the cost of energy, not just gasoline at the pump, but in a cold winter like this, the housing costs and electricity costs are going up dramatically. People can’t even keep their homes warm enough during this cold winter because of Biden’s failed energy agenda.”

Scalise then pointed out the most frustrating part of said failed energy agenda – that President Biden could reverse his failed policies with the stroke of a pen and yet he just doesn’t care. However, thanks to the Republican majority, “these are very fixable problems.” They can “start passing bills through the House to show the country how to fix these problems.” And that’s where Scalise encourages Americans to call their senators and let them know what bills they want them to vote for.

“You’ve got to let them know ‘this bill is important to me, I want you to vote yes’ and then watch their vote. Hold them accountable for those votes,” he said.

With Americans’ involvement and support, Scalise has hope to deliver real answers and accountability that everyone is hungry for.