Residents 75 and older can get on a list for COVID vaccinations

If you or someone you know is 75 years or older and is wanting to get the COVID-19 vaccine, you can now get on a list to acquire an upcoming appointment.

Health and Social Services Director Barbara Longo shared an update during the Tuesday, Jan. 12 Lassen County Board of Supervisors meeting noting those 75 and older should call 251-8183 to get on the list should they want the vaccine.

“We are in the full throws of vaccinating people who want to be vaccinated,” Longo shared Tuesday.

She said the county had a six- or seven-page list of residents 75 and older and are starting to reach out with county partners to get them vaccinated. She added residents should confirm the vaccine with their provider.

She also mentioned the progress made by county staff moving along in the process, working with partners, and ensuring all doses are used in the vials.

“The message today, is that we feel like we’re going to get through and vaccinate relatively on a regular schedule,” said Longo, saying they didn’t want to commit to a date, but the vaccines could be open to the general public by mid-February.


Vaccine schedule

Longo also spoke about the state schedule (pictured) depicting the priority list.

“It might sound somewhat confusing, but with the limited number of doses coming to the state, (the state) really wanted to make sure counties and county partners were vaccinating people in a certain priority order to make sure the highest risk did have access to the vaccine,” she told the board.

Currently, tiers 1 and 2 are done, and the county is working on tier 3. She said the county might be able to start on phase 1b soon. The county updates the schedule regularly on and on its Facebook Page. Lassen News also posts the schedule updates as they come in.

If your tier or phase is open for vaccines, schedule an appointment by calling 249-8628.

Longo said Lassen County is doing well when it comes to vaccinations, adding county staff has been doing a great job.

Other county partners who are vaccinating include Susanville Indian health Center, Banner Lassen Medical Center, Northeastern Rural Health, Mountain Valley Health Center and CDCR. CDCR employees are urged to contact their employer for the vaccine. Longo also said Walgreens may soon offer the vaccine.

“We’re all working together to make sure everybody has access,” Longo said Tuesday. “There’s a lot of movement in the vaccination arena. Vaccinations are not required, but people who want to get vaccinated have the option to do so in Lassen County.”

Updates can be found at, or residents can call 251-8131 with questions. For COVID related questions, call the local hotline at 257-8183. If your tier or phase is open, call 249-8628 to schedule an appointment for the vaccine.


**This article has been updated with the correct phone number.