Resolution authorizes airport hangar rental

A unanimously passed resolution allows SEMSA/Air Methods to rent a hanger at the Susanville Airport for its commercial air ambulance operations.

During the Wednesday, Jan. 6 Susanville City Council meeting, the board unanimously passed a resolution authorizing Kevin Jones, city administrator/chief of police, to execute a lease agreement with Sierra Medical Services Alliance, a Nevada non-profit corporation OBA SEMSA, for the rental of hangar No. 9 and helipad at the Susanville Airport. The city owns and operates the Susanville Municipal Airport, and owns several hangars that are available for lease, including hangar No. 9.

“We’ve been talking about this for months,” Jones said during the meeting.

Per the agreement, SEMSA will pay $3,500 a month for the hanger, which includes the exclusive use of the helipad located nearest to the hanger.

The incoming revenue will go into the airport fund.