Road rage incident reported on Highway 36

The California Highway Patrol reports it investigated an apparent road rage incident on Highway 36 and has referred the matter to the Lassen County District Attorney for possible prosecution.

According to a statement from the CHP, on Wednesday Oct. 27, the CHP received a call of a possible road rage incident on Highway 36 east of Riverside Drive. The call involved a sport utility vehicle and a 18-wheel tractor-trailer.

According to the report, the tractor-trailer had attempted to merge into the left lane and allegedly attempted to force the SUV into opposing traffic. The incident also included allegations that the truck driver honked his air horn multiple times and was tailgating the SUV.

The SUV and tractor-trailer continued southbound on Highway 395 until the SUV turned left at the Susanville Airport. While the SUV was turning, the driver of the tractor-trailer allegedly threw a 24-ounce open bottle of urine at the SUV. Unfortunately, the SUV had its windows rolled down and the open bottle of urine went into the cabin of the SUV, spraying urine throughout the vehicle.

The victim turned around, followed the tractor-trailer and called 911. CHP dispatch notified a patrolling CHP officer, who located the tractor-trailer and conducted an enforcement stop and subsequent investigation. Upon completion of his investigation the officer submitted a complaint to be filed with Lassen County District Attorney’s Office.