Metaphid Jumping Spider on Borage Flower, Los Carneros, Napa County, by Andrew Lincoln.

Robbins faces tough competition in California Wildlife Photo of the Year contest

American Kestrel Chicks, Rush Ranch Open Space, by Tom Muehleisen.

All of us locals know Susanville’s Randy Robbins as a great photographer with two entries already accepted into the California Wildlife Photo of the Year contest — an event he has already won.

According to a statement from the contest, “Yes, from sweet to fierce! The images present gentleness and power even from the tiniest creatures. The colors, the textures, the features. As they have said, all creatures great and small. We continue to see the wonders of California through the eyes of our wildlife friends and skilled lenses of our photographer family. March and April delivered very special views.”

Great Horned Owls, San Luis Obispo County, by Alice Cahill.