Fireworks at the Fairground — as seen on Main Street In Susanville.

Sad news — no Fourth of July fireworks at fairgrounds

Here’s a development that’s sure to hit every patriotic Lassen County citizen like a musket shot in the chest — no fireworks show at the fairgrounds this Fourth of July.

Kaitlyn Midgley, Lassen County Fair manager released the following statement to explain the situation to the public.

“The Lassen County Fairgrounds Fourth of July Auto Races and Fireworks show has been a proud tradition spanning decades in our community. Each year thousands of people have come down to the fairgrounds or set up lawn chairs in their own backyard to enjoy the event, which is why it is with such a heavy heart we have to announce the discontinuation of the Fourth of July Fireworks.

“Firework companies throughout the state of California have either moved to another state or been absorbed by one company due to rising insurance costs/restrictions and the lack of certified pyrotechnicians. The Lassen County Fairgrounds was notified by our current fireworks provider that they would no longer be able to provide us with a show for the Fourth of July due to these issues.

“On Feb. 29, an official Request for Proposal was flown for the Lassen County Fairgrounds Fourth of July Fireworks show which solicited bids. The RFP ran for two weeks and received no formal bids for this event.

“The Lassen County Fairgrounds is currently working on alternative dates for a fireworks display. The community will still be able to enjoy auto racing surrounding the weekend of Fourth of July at the Diamond Mountain Speedway.

“The Lassen County Fairgrounds is extremely grateful for all the volunteers, sponsors, firefighters, and of course the community members who helped and supported this event over the years. We are saddened to be ending this tradition but hope to be starting a new one.”