Scorn does not elevate your standing

This My Turn is going to be short and not necessarily so sweet.

I have been hearing some statements and social media posts in the last few months that I really didn’t pay that much attention to until my recent study trip to Israel.

After seeing the country, communities, lifestyle and neighboring dangers, some of the comments I thought were just tiresome grumbling have become quite troubling.

I have always tried not to jump to conclusions about negative things people say and have endeavored to find out why they are making the statement at all, you know, what’s their motivation.

Are they angry? Are they just repeating something they’ve heard? Are they just ignorant of the subject or are they haters?

You have probably deduced that the troubling remarks I mentioned above have to do with anti-Semitism.

It seems lately that there is a lot of negative sentiment about Israel and the Jewish people.

I have never been able to understand why some folks seem to have a need to blame an ethnic group other than their own for so many problems having to do with our country.

Personally, I believe it is unacceptable to hate or disparage any group of people because of their birthright.

Anyone who has studied history knows that there has never been a country or civilization in existence that has been all good or all bad.

That’s probably due to the fact that every country, ethnic group or culture is made up of human beings.

Some are good and some are not.

Some of the commentary I have heard actually reminds me of the days leading up to World War II in Germany.

Really? Does the fact that Israel gets $3.1 billion in foreign aid constitute an emergency for Detroit?

That amount represents less than 1/100th of 1 percent of the United States budget in 2015.

It also represents money used by them to sustain their survival from extinction by surrounding countries that have sworn to annihilate them.

For a more personal perspective, the two young ladies in uniform I met on the Jordanian border said they had many plans for their future lives, but serving three years in the army was necessary to ensure they even have a future.

I sort of look on these verbal and written attacks as I would the bullies at school that go after the little “brainiac” kid because his mere presence makes them feel dim-witted.

They almost feel obligated to prove their ignorance, so they continually scorn their targeted victim thinking it will make him look inferior and hence elevate their own standing.

The Jewish nation accounts for less than one quarter of a percent of the world population, and yet, on a per capita basis, arguably contributes more than any other to the world in medicine, computer hardware and science, mathematics, agriculture and numerous other areas.

For the time period of 1901 to 2008, approximately 28 percent of individual Nobel recipients were Jewish.

Items we use all the time like drip irrigation or flash drives were developed by Jewish “brainiacs.”

The drug COPAXONE (Glatiramer acetate) is an immunomodulator drug that makes my wife’s life tolerable. Yep, developed by Teva Pharmaceuticals in Tel Aviv.

I have a whole new admiration and respect for the Jewish nation and the tribulations they have endured because of the bullies of the world.

So to all you bullies out there, I don’t care whether you’re misinformed, ignorant, angry about something or just a hater, you will get no sympathy or agreement from me for your rantings or ravings about any group.

If humanity as a whole would spend more time finding positive ways to improve their own family and community, the world would have far fewer perceived shortcomings.

Racism is not a healthy way to live your life, and we all know that there is no cure for stupidity.