Sheriff Gary Redman endorses Tenessa Audette for State Assembly District 1

Sheriff Gary Redman of Amador County has officially endorsed Tenessa Audette for State Assembly District 1. This endorsement comes as a significant show of support from a distinguished law enforcement leader.

Tenessa Audette

Tenessa Audette, currently serving as Vice Mayor of Redding, is a dedicated Californian with a degree in political science from Sonoma State. Her extensive experience in running political campaigns and unwavering commitment to her community have earned her widespread support. Audette is also a loving parent to three outstanding teenagers, Grace (Kat), Annabelle, and Jaxon.

“I am fully dedicated to public safety and law enforcement. My focus is on community collaboration, robust support for law enforcement, and effective rehabilitation, all working together to ensure safer communities in North State,” Audette said.

Sheriff Redman’s endorsement of Audette highlights her strong stance on public safety and law enforcement, reinforcing her dedication to creating safer communities in District 1. Audette’s campaign continues to gain momentum with the support of key leaders like Redman and others committed to a safer North State.

Redman joins a growing list of influential endorsements from across District 1, including Shasta County Supervisor Mary Rickert, Modoc County Supervisor Geri Bryne, El Dorado County Supervisor George Turnboo, Shasta County District Attorney Stephanie Bridgett, retired Shasta County Sheriff Jim Pope, Redding City Councilwoman Julie Winter, and Redding City Councilman Jack Munns.

People are invited to learn more about the campaign and get involved at