Sheriff reports phone scam

If someone claiming to be from the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office calls you and offers you a way to settle a warrant for your arrest in exchange for a little cash, the call is totally and completely bogus.

Information about the scam

The LCSO has received numerous calls recently from residents reporting they have been receiving phone calls by individuals claiming to be from the LCSO. The callers sayt they can settle a resident’s warrant if they send bail money or provide a credit card number over the phone.

“Personnel from the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office do not call residents to tell them they have a warrant for their arrest,” the LCSO announced. “One thing all of these types of scams have in common is that they always try to keep the caller on the line at all costs. They pressure the caller with an urgency to send money or credit card information or else they will be arrested. Do not give in to their pressure tactics. Independently verify what they are telling you is true.

“These callers present themselves as professionals and are smooth talkers. If someone calls and represents themselves in a way described in this notice, ask them for their name and phone number and tell them you will call back after verifying with your local law enforcement agency. Don’t be a victim! If something doesn’t feel right about the call, listen to your instincts and take steps to verify.”

You can reach the LCSO at 257-8013.