Sheriff seeks alleged rapist

The Lassen County Sheriff’s Office is currently seeking Maitland Carpenter, 39, for a variety of serious crimes.

On March 25, 2018 Carpenter allegedly committed an act of forcible rape and kidnapping by gunpoint at a residence in Lassen County. He is currently armed with a semi-auto pistol with an extended magazine.

Carpenter has an extensive history of violence and is considered armed and dangerous.

Carpenter, described as 6’1, 220 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes, has made comments that he is not afraid to kill someone to avoid capture. He has tattoos covering his neck and other parts of his body.

An arrest warrant has been issued by the Lassen County Superior Court for a variety of sexual assault and kidnapping charges with a bail amount set at $1 million.

Carpenter also has a second felony warrant for terrorist threats in the amount of $40,000.

Information as to Carpenter’s whereabouts can be reported to the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office at 257-6121.

Anyone who sees Carpenter should call 911 immediately and report his location. He was last seen in the area of Tako-Nee St. in Lassen County.

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  • I think “alleged” is pretty much a throw away word.

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